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The Runway Perfect Hunt 2012 – Last Chance!!!

The Runway Perfect Hunt edition 2 presented by Morgane Batista features picture perfect prizes for those that walks the catwalk or just want to look like they do.

The hunt takes place April 1st-30th and consists of 50 hand picked shops.

You have enough of all the hunts that you feel it is not up to your high expectations as runway model? You will be delighted by this hunt created especially for YOU!

The hunt is circular, which means that the 50th shop brings you back to the 1st one. So it’s no problem if you start mid-way.

The first stop is at Morgane Batista Poses Shop (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wunderville/152/41/21)

Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/therunwayperfecthunt/
Blog: http://therunwayperfecthunt.wordpress.com

#1 – Morgane Batista Poses Shop – Morgane Batista    Prize for One of each.

*  I love custom poses.

#2 – FineSmith – yula Finesmith     Prize for One of each

*   Your man does not have to be an angel in order to be saint

#3 – White Widow- Julie Hastings     prize for Female.

*  If you want to find me, come and ask Morgane (Does not mean to IM Morgane, find the vendor)

#4 – Purplemoon – Poulet koenkamp      prize for Female.

* ”Look for the new brightest colors of the season”

#5 –  .:. CHG .:. Fashion – Chrishadley Ghost      Prize for One of each

* ”Come fly with me  (female prize)

*  George is never too far” (male prize)

#6 –  House Of Rage – nox deigan      Prized for Unisex

* The goal is obtained at the point of a concealed blade.

#7  – Drakke Designs – Mandrakke dagger      Prize for Female.

* Fit for a Goddess.

#8 – Aurora Borealis – Sequoia Nightfire      Prize for One of each

* You may be a long way from Kansas, but you will still find your prize over the rainbow.

#9 – Shiki – shinichi mathy      Prize for  Female

* VIPs have all the fun!

#10 – Tres Beau – Kimmera Madison Fall        Prize for Female.

* The “New” is here, the gift is near, look behind, you’re sure to find, no need to shed a tear.

#11 – Oceane Body Design- oceane grumiaux       Prize for Unisex

* Skin wise it’s naturally a perfect match. 

#12 –  Vero Modero – Bouquet Babii      prize for Female

* For a model walking straight isn’t everything,if it leads you to a beautiful gown worth of a contest queen hiding a gift for you.

#13 – Madrid Solo Fantasy Makeup – madrid  solo      Prize for Female

*  Trolls live under bridges but gifts live under? 

#14 – Egoisme – Ramses  Meredith      Prize for Unisex

* Fashion’ victims

#15  – Angel Dessous – Nando Korobase      Prize for Female.

* the helping hands will lead you to your treasure

#16 –  Xen’s Hats – Xenobia Foxclaw       Prize for one of each  

*There is a photo of a model wearing a hat in an odd spot. Look for another odd spot for the prize.

#17 –  xanadu – Xaℕa (xanadu.damiano)      Prize for   (SKIP)


#18 –  Prism – Journey McLaglen     Prize for Female.

* next to the stairs

#19 – sYs –   Systi Cisse       Prize for              ( SKIP)

*Take the link to store 20 by clicking MPP

#20 – MPP – morganeparis.parx      prize for Female

* Shoes are girls best friends.

There is no more 21, take the lm to 22 from 20, it’s fixed

#22 – Bubble’s Designs – Bubble Cyberstar      Prize for  One of each

* Female  – Stairs can take to fame…

*  Male – King Metal can help

#23 –  **Dura** Hair Shop  – chiaki xue       prize for Female

* Welcome!

#24 – A:S:S – Photos Nikolaidis       prize for Unisex

*Make yourself up

#25 – Lovely Mi – lovelymiwako7399 menna      Prize for Unisex  (take this link it’s  official)

* Let the goddess of love makeup guide you

#26 – Azoury – Mayhem Seetan       Prize for Female

* I’m on a table

#27  – Sascha’s Designs – sascha.frangilli      Prize for   ( SKIP )

*skip to 28 by clicking the link

#28 –  a la folie – pixivor.allen      Prize for Female

* à l’endroit le plus précieux du magasin at the most precious place in the store

#29 – Crie Style – Grazioso Alekseev      Prize for One of each

* please relax and have a drink?

#30 – Lantern Evolution- Lantern Oyen      prize for Female.

* Cute panda is waiting for you.

#31  – Jazzy’s Designs – Jasilyn Amiot      prize for Female.

*As you walk climb to the stars

#32 –  Evolve – Reign Congrejo & Vixen Rau      Prize for Female

*  Can you find the perfect set of jewels?

#33 -PNP  (Props-N-Poses)  – AnneMarit Jarvinen     Prize for three Runway poses – can be used by male or female :-)

* Finding a Runway Perfect gift, is sure to bring you cheer!

# 34 – Mock cosmetics – mocksoup.graves      Prize for Female

* Eye think you are pointed in the right direction.  

#35 – Paris Metro Couture – RFB Morpork       prize for Female

* Up to the top floor and at the very top of the stairs you will find something awesome made with flair.

#36 –  [: B!ASTA :] – Bomboloni Freschi      Prize for one of each

* Please use the hint giver near the entrance!

#37  – moondance – kathrin dassin           Prize for Female ** NEW  LM ** April 18th .

* Valentines day has come and gone, and now people are switching ot French nails, but you don’t need ot have a classic french to feel perfect .

#38 – Carrie’s Lingerie – Tana Nightfire & carrie.bridger      prize for One of each

* ’We all know most of the magic happens backstage. Time to change, you’re up next on the runway”

#39 –  Sheep Door – meito Karu      Prize for One of each

* Did you check  the sale   

#40 –  Chop Zuey – Belle Roussel      Prize for Female

* Go See the Fishes

 41 –  ::WetCat:: Builds&Poses – wetcat Flux      Prize for One of each

* Lets go back to school!

#42 –  22769 – Casual Couture – Manuel Ormidale      prize for Female.

*Slap the Orange Hintgiver near the landing point, it tells you the current Hint.

#43 – Les sucreries de fairy – Fairyzette Sahara       Prize for Female

* I love Gown and parties outfits

#44 –  Artistry by ~ E ~ – Endra Graves      Prize for Female

* No hint needed

#45  – Morphine poses – Hadaluna daines       Prize for One of each

* Feel the effect

#46 – The U-neek – Treebee withnail       prize for Female

* No hints for now

#47  – Nana Saenz – Nana Saenz       Prize for Female

* Dare the  white !!

  #48  Quintessência Store- Aleehssandra Moonites          Prize for Female

* I really love plants

#49  – Aleida – Aleida rhode & houms thor      Prize for One of each.

* ”U don’t want a dirty nature, don’t u?” (female & male hunt gifts are placed both same place).

#50 – Curious Kitties –  Ameshin Yossarian   Prize for One of each

* FREE! GROUP GIFT 無料グループギフト.

#51 – Vanity Hair   – tabata jewell  Prize for Female

* Casual or formal

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