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What Some People Will Never Say

Reign April 20, 2012 Editorials, Lifestyle, The Frolic Corner 34 Comments

It is very hard to predict what a person might do or say, the creative minds of those around us makes the world quite unpredictable. However, the opposite may be easier to calculate… With this in mind, I present an updated version of an article I wrote in 2007 named: What some people will never say.

1. Lag issues resolved! – Linden Labs

2. I will make a simple and traditional piece of jewelry. – Yula Finesmith

3. I want to shop for jeans and a t-shirt. – Mimmi Boa

4. My next collection will be psychedelic art in my favorite colors: Shocking pink, orange, electric blue and magenta! – Raven Pennyfeather

5. Avoid drama and controversy at all cost. – Nave Fall

6. We believe men should dress like men dammit! – World Undercroft and Steele Sirnah

7. I will make some low prim art. – Bryn Oh

8. You should always choose a simple avi name that is easy to remember. – Ponchituti Boucher

9. The good thing about my shoes is that they are very efficiently scripted and cause no lag. – Stiletto Moody     

10. We need to rehire some people and improve customer service – Philip Linden

11. An understated sheath dress is all you need.  – Joy Fellini

12. I´ve had it with the land business,  I think I’ll start designing couture. – Anshe Chung

13. I am accepting photography appointments at all times and I deliver the photos in 30 minutes: – Skip Staheli

14. Small is better! – Patch Thibaud and Javier Puff (Xcite!)

15. With all my experience, I feel confident I can do the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013 finale in under 2 hours. – Frolic Mills

16. I think I will mingle with the SL community and really find out what is needed and wanted. – Rod Humble  [LL CEO]

17. I will never judge another beauty pageant again! – Kimmera Madison       

18. I never miss BYNGO BONUS numbers. - Carilynn OHare

19. I wish I could get into more fashion agencies. – Anna Sapphire.

20. Instant message: Leave me alone! I am busy – Can´t you see? Go bother someone else loser! – BlackBarbie Bravin or Kay Fairey      

21. Frolic is a sweet guy, an honest business man and his pageants are totally fair. – Anonymous

Do you have any other lines that some people will never say? Share them with us!

Currently there are "34 comments" on this Article:

  1. ana mcmahn aka Free says:

    Way funny!

    “I find it very hard to express how I feel; you can call me a closed book.” – Frolic Mills


  2. “There is no future in mesh whatsoever.” – NyuNyu Kimono

    “That should be enough gowns.” – Amutey DeCuir

    “I slept through the whole night…I feel great!” – Topaz Joubert

    “What do you mean, ‘photoshop’?” – Julie Hastings

    “Do you even know who you are talking to?” – Wicca Merlin

    “I am dead serious.” – Rhonda Pennell

    *hugs and kisses:)

  3. Carilynn OHare says:

    “I think it’s time to change my hair color to a dull mousy brown.” — Frolic Mills

    “I absolutely hate anything that sparkles.” — Enzo Champagne

    “I love my new home. I have lived there now with Rico for over 3 years and have no intention of ever moving.” — Editorial Clarity

  4. Rusalka Callisto says:

    Oh here’s one….

    I will never make a casting list or run a show drunk again. – Kay Fairey

    (kidding kidding!!!)

  5. Caffine says:

    And and..I will do simple dresses for the common folks-Mea Culpa

  6. My little dragon: Draakje Dailey ” I don’t understand, I just can never find anything to wear..”

  7. Quella Quann says:

    hahaha I love this article

  8. Yordie Sands says:

    I tweeted Rod, “Come mingle, Rod” … nice post, Frolic.

  9. Saleena Hax says:

    I hate drama! – any model/designer/CEO of anything
    I am just a shy, fragile thing – Saleena Hax (Well I am!!)

  10. Morgane Batista says:

    Ok lemme try some…

    1) I’m so sick of purple, i am changing my whole wardrobe to aqua – Treebee Withnail

    2) I hate fashion, i been fooling with you, all theses years – Frolic Mills

    3) Starting today, i will order my models to use tipitoes and armpit poses – Mimmi Boa

    4) I won’t ever do random special sales ever again in my store – Bee Dumpling of The White Armory

    5) From now on, all my shoes will be updated with no sound walk – Morganeparis Parx of MPP

    • Venum Ames says:

      WTG Morgane! There must be a fashion police to go after those with heels with sound,blinking jewelry,hairs that reach the floor etc.. And Morgane, make sure those armpit poses come with hair on them for ladies LMAO

      • Morgane Batista says:

        oo i do want a floor length hair for a medieval style photoshoot tho.. but hmm for the hairy armpit, i don’t think there’s anything i could do about it, we models are suppose to shave daily loll

        and yeah down with the shoe sown / bling jewelry, it’s so 2005. If u ever see me wear blog, please end my shame and IM me, i rarely have particules on.

  11. Kay Fairey says:

    My turn!

    I feel so girly today! I’ll wear pink with a big ribbon in my hair. – Wicca Merlin

    I’ll make a big poofy gown using lace. – djod Karu

    I hate donuts!! – Kay Fairey

  12. I wish more people would send me pics to critique – Kay Fairey

    I wish they’d never made tattoo layers – Any model

    Nothing turns me on more than a nice hairy arm pit – Frolic

    • Kay Fairey says:

      Hahahaha so true! The day I added that line in my profile, I was getting so many people I didn’t even know send pics out of no where and the last one just sent pics one after another….12 pics in all! Of course, I didn’t even know who this was. That’s when I decided to add that line. lol

    • Morgane Batista says:

      OMG right, i would never complain about the tattoo layers or multi layering, it’s one of the best update they ever did.

  13. BlackBarbie Bravin says:

    Too funny Frole’! You know I luvs you! :) Okay, your turn…

    This year I will organize a small event and only invite a few people. – Frolic Mills

  14. Rusalka Callisto says:

    I will never go half naked in a fashion show ever again. – Draakje Dailey

    I think this month I will dress entirely in black, avant-garde style. – Catlyn Sahara

    The customers don’t need anything new this week, I think I’ll take a break. – Poulet Koenkamp of PurpleMoon

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