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The Sun Comes Out Again at Costa Rica Sims

Lacy Muircastle April 19, 2012 Land, Lifestyle, News No Comments

A month ago, Zeebster Colasanti, CEO of Dream Seeker Estates Corporation issued a statement to the community of the recently acquired Costa Rica Sims estate and to the public in general, laying out the challenges facing the estate and the plan to overcome them.  It was a very sad state of affairs.  Now just one month on, Zeebster has a very different story to tell and shares it through the following open letter to the community.

Dear Residents and Friends,

 This last month has seen an incredible transformation of the Costa Rica Sims estate and it is only fitting that I now take this opportunity to publicly thank the residents of Costa Rica Sims and members of the Dream Seeker team for their unwavering support, commitment, patience, and hard work that has allowed us to overcome the many challenges sooner and with fewer sacrifices than was initially anticipated. 

 Following my public statement last month, we received an immediate and overwhelmingly positive response from the community.  Overnight, the outflow of residents stopped.  Several residents have come to me to personally offer their help.  Some of whom had moved out have now moved back into the estate.  A number of residents have rented additional land parcels or upgraded their sims.  Many have agreed to relocate to help consolidate vacancies.  It was truly amazing and most heartwarming to see this happen.  The community has come together and saved the estate.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

 As a result of your support, we have been able to save all the natural habitat areas of Costa Rica Sims, including the Palo Verde National Park with its bird watching area, the rain forest of the Volcan Tenorio National Park, the turtle beach of Las Baulas, the Forest of Hope on Puntarenas 1, the beach and scuba diving area on Pacifico Central, and the whale watching sim of Oceano Pacifico.  The Oceano Pacifico and the Volcan Arenal volcano sims have been upgraded and work has commenced on landscaping the area around the volcano to bring back the horse trails.

 The Costa Rica sim itself has remained as a full prim region and still hosts all of its amenities including such iconic venues as the Welcome Center, the Opera House, and the Ladies Garden.  The residents of the estate are still being offered a wide range of events and the community continues to enjoy fashion shows which have now been taken to an entirely new level, hosted on dedicated full regions to ensure the best experience for the community. 

 And, last but not least, the estate is once again profitable and its future is looking bright.

 Once again, thank you.

 Zeebster Colasanti

Dream Seeker Estates Corporation, CEO


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