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Paris Metro Gallery: An Eye For The World

Around March 23, the Paris Metro Gallery opened up a new exhibition called “An Eye For The World”; it features real life photography by KT Sayakumi and Relay Caedmon. These are beautiful, vivacious scenes of life around the world. This is a must-see for all travel enthusiasts, nature lovers, photography hobbyists… there is something for everyone at this outstanding gallery of photography in the Paris Couture sim.

outward facade

The Paris Couture fashion boutique is right next door and on your left. The gowns there are really quite lovely. In addition, Paris Couture has made 2 free gowns and put them out in front of the Paris Metro Gallery, in honor of these 2 artists. Please click here to visit!

Here at the Paris Metro Gallery, they are featuring the works of KT Sayumi and Relay Caedmon in the “An Eye for the World” exhibit. KT has a varied collection of real life pictures she took from places like Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Samoa, New Zealand.  She has landscapes, scenes of people, scenes of life, scenes of nature. It is artful and beautiful in its simplicity and trueness to life.

main floor at the Paris Metro Gallery

Relay Caedmon has work on the top floor. Relay’s pics are of Paris, France. Her photos are mainly of architecture. There is a photo of cute marmalade kitten. Can you find it?

top floor at the Paris Metro Gallery

This is a fabulous gallery. To me, the difference between the exhibits is country and city life. KT really captures life in the country and more rural parts of the world. Whereas, Relay captures the more urbanized way of life in modern day Paris. The sim is Paris, France in 1900. It’s a wonderfully built and designed sim. If you walk along the street a ways, you can even get a free antique car and drive it around. The landing point is here.

Have fun and enjoy the art!

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