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This is my first attempt at writing a poem in English, please don’t be too harsh on me.
This is dedicated to all those people who can make a difference.


At the beginning it was silent
and you came to me like a lurking shadow
I was a distant wish to you
you were nothing to me!

As you crawled into my life
affinity grew and I learned your name
I was love to you
you were a student to me!

As you grew and found your path
I was a mentor and observed your every move
I was everything to you
you were a joy to me!

When you finally felt happy with yourself
I gave you wings and set you free
I was a pillar of support to you
You were a proud moment to me!

You requested my permission for new adventures
I blessed your every wish as I knew you were my friend
I was a counselor to you
you were everything to me!

You grew confident and wanted your own castle
while I wondered where you were
I was a problem to you
you were a missing friend to me!

You started explaining yourself
as I requested what was our daily bread
I was an annoyance to you
you were a question mark to me!

As the distance grew bigger
and I started to miss your dreams
I was the person to avoid to you
You were a distant wish for me!

At the end it was silent again
You left with everything I had to give
I was an enemy to you
You were a blurry memory to me!

The aftermath:

As you rejoice with your new family
and I wonder how you are
I am nothing to you
You are a buried treasure to me!

Frolic Mills

“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”   Wooden, John

I have lived my perfect day many times over in my Second and Real Lives, and I am proud of every one of those days.

Have you had a similar experience? How do you react to this type of situation? Let me know!

Currently there are "44 comments" on this Article:

  1. ana mcmahn says:

    Hey Frolic,

    Just an idea … How about a literary corner on the magazine? For some of us, that is our creative outlet… And like any other contribution, it could be submitted for review by one of the editors…

    PS And yes this was a lovely poem :)

    Ana a.k.a. Free

    • FrolicM says:

      Sure Ana! Please submit your writings to Persia Bravin, she would love to review it and publish for you.

      Thanks :)

  2. callie cline says:

    i think it’s a lovely, honest, truthful poem, expressed eloquently. i think the fact that english is not your first language allows the truth to come out even more.

    i love how you express the honest questions, hopes, dreams and feelings we all experience as humans. to me it shows you were giving and getting during the relationship and that you had ideas of how it should be or ideals and they didn’t turn out how you hoped.

    i’ve felt the way you have described in your writing before, and it can feel lonely, like betrayal, and what i love most about this all is the quote you leave it with. about being able to do something for someone who can never repay you.

    in giving, the real true joy is in the moment we give, that is our reward, that joy it brings us and the other, when we start to keep score or feel we’re “owed” something back, it where i think we get stuck. reflecting quietly on the act when we first gave, can bring a lot of calm and i think is what the quote you listed was about.

    i’ve had similar things happen and when i could just see that person, not trying to hurt me, but just out there finding their own way, i could be genuinely happy for them, with or without me. it didn’t happen in a moment, but it was nice when it did.

    thanks for sharing and being so open. :)

  3. Wow! That is excellent Mr. Frolic! you are not only a gentleman but a scholar as well! Very well written. I think so many in Second Life experience this, and perhaps if the friendship were not grounded in the isolation of virtuality, the ending would have been of a different sort. But I agree with Cari. To me, we are born fresh and unimpressioned by life, but as we age, people come, move about in our hearts and leave, through out our lives and I think each person adds another dimension, another colorful fingerprint to our once colorless souls. Some leave refreshing colors, others darker less peaceful shades, but at the end, our soul is made more beautyful by the many thoughts, feelings, movements, words, touches, friendships and loves we have felt, making our soul a true technicolor dream coat. I wish you the best my friend!

  4. If that was me I would have to add

    … and now you are dead to me, dead dead dead I say…
    ..do you hear?…

    • Hezabel Blackheart says:

      LOL!.. I like the way you think Dousa.. :)

    • Carilynn OHare says:

      Dousa, you crack me up. <3

      • FrolicM says:

        LOL Dousa! – A buried treasure is already a dead thing. I suppose it could be rediscovered, but I am afraid the map has been lost in the Ungrateful Sea.

        • As is my custom, I pulled out my two pencils for work, (and I have to recommend this product) in RL, Manifesto in tins, sweet old fashioned darling that I am, they have mottos on the side. These two have “oo you are awful” and “have a nice day” … Catch phrases to live by. Big hugs.. and I will be expecting poetry on air soon.

          • FrolicM says:

            Dear Dousa:

            I have no idea what you just said, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that I will not be reading poetry any time soon. Damm woman I can hardly write these things…

            You are welcome to read them though :P

  5. Raven says:

    A beautiful way to honor ones sadness. Bittersweet and lovely Frolic

  6. Hezabel Blackheart says:

    Beautiful – Reminds you that is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

    I usually do this.. say to myself, woah, I am not answering that, then I answer anyway. As soon as he sent the group notice last night I came and read the poem. I cried. I couldn’t brush aside the sense of lost, of emptiness, and of questions not asked, of words not spoken. I am not sure if I cried for myself. I am not shocked to see this side of him, since I’ve been the recipient of Frolic’s tender care more than once. Yes he knows how to pull you by the ears kicking and screaming and set you down on a safe place. What I am is humbled and grateful that he has shared this with us.

    But I tell you what.. Whether hubby reads this or not is inconsequential . Should the circumstances where different. I would have been all over Frolic a long time ago and I am persistent. *ahem* ..ok so he is a turn on.. I said it. *damn*.. am crying again.

  7. Saleena Hax says:

    Frolic, I have known you for a long time and you always balance guidance with humour. I see alot of my own experiences in your words and brough tup memories I thought had long since past and for godo or bad, I am glad you did. Those things helped me shape me and helped me to become the person I am. We all adore you and now I want to hurt the person or persons that made you feel that way! grrr But on a more serious tone, cheers and huzzah for your first poem and please continue to let out your poetic inspirations whenever the mood strikes! I often handle my own bad moods by shutting down for a few days and writing or painting or just diving deep into my music and then when i break for air, I feel better! I let people own their own drama and remember a quote I use sometimes “Never strive to unravel the twisted intent of one who willingly embraces limitation” and it has served me well so far!

    With love and many xo’s,

    Saleena Hax

    *With xo’s sent to Purrrrsia, Cari, Ponchi, BB, Luralie and all the lovely ladies and gents that post*

  8. Frolic Mills says:

    What is it about poems that tempt me to change them all the time?

    Usually when I write something, and it has been proofed and edited, I leave it alone and never look back. With this poem, I find myself changing a word here and a line there.

    What is up with that?

    Thank you all for the kind and beautiful words, it means a lot to me.



    • Hunt Harbour says:

      Now Frolic … First off: u stop playin with u poem right now. It a beautiful thing just same as it is. But u ask such a question about What Up With Changing The Poem. Well i here today to provide u the answer. U see Frolic … u mebbe treat u poem like u treat u avatar … but they both such different things. Sure we all keep changin up our avatar with a bit here an a bit there … cuz we secretly hoping that somehow we can end up lookin like Ponchituti. :) But a poem a different thing u see … it a snapshot of u heart and u feelings an u life, right at the moment the poem come out. I expect that means a poem more like Ponchi actually … it perfect already. Now when u gonna make another one? :)

  9. Hethwen says:

    There is an eloquence to this Frolic that I think many of us can identify with that have been in SL for a while. What makes this more special is that it is rare for you to openly express this side of yourself to others. I wish, with all my heart, others knew you as I know you… to be the kindest most gentle man… filled with love… This poem shows a glimpse of that… and makes me remember why I love you Frolic. Thank you for sharing … Heth

  10. Isis Sabahi says:

    This is so deep.

  11. xia says:

    This is so Beautiful and heartfelt, it kind of brings tears to my eyes, and having gone through something that you portray it is close to my heart.
    I am happy alone now, but I have kind of dark nights of the soul, where the memories are still vivid,
    But as they say, better to have lived and loved, than not at all. sending you a hug Frolic,
    Much Love

  12. Lacy Muircastle says:

    Bravo Frolic, yet another feather in that already well adorned cap. Your poem clearly reverberates strongly through those who have read it. Thank you for writing it.

  13. Persia Bravin says:

    My darling Fro,

    What an absolutely beautiful poem! Those are words from your very heart and reveal exactly what a sensitive, caring and thoughtful man you are.

    I’ve had the privilege of knowing you for over three years now, and even before I worked with you at BOSL, I could tell what an extraordinary human being you are. Your poem just shows the rest of the world what I have known for a long time.

    In essence, your words reflect an experience that many of us have been through in SL and RL, and it’s a brave step to expose your inner thoughts and feelings so publically. But as you can see from everyone’s reactions on this thread-it was worth doing. You have managed to instil the very human emotions of love, growth, loss and pain into this piece and that’s no easy achievement.

    I had no idea there was an inner poet laureate in you. Wonderful first piece of poetry-I’m fiercely proud of you!

  14. Quella Quann says:

    Doing something selfless with no expectations for a loved one is one of the greatest feelings ever. Trust is so hard to give, because of the fear of being taken advantage of. Sometimes there are those who will simple take and never give, sometimes even betray and just leave. In those cases I remind myself…

    “The best revenge is not to become like the one who wronged you.”
    -Marcus Aurelius

    Thank you for sharing hon. Beautifully written.

  15. Alethia Bonham says:

    Oh, I have come to the heart, tears me out! poetry is one of the most difficult arts, is to capture in words the feelings and you’ve got transmission.
    I felt everything you wanted to say and in some verses, yes I have been identified.
    Congratulations, it’s a lovely poem!
    Hugssss!! 8)

  16. Dariuskragin Resident says:

    That is deep and thoroughly pulling at the heart strings it shows true beauty from within and a real insight into human character congratulations Frolic I love it :)

    Darius <3

  17. BlackBarbie Bravin says:

    Frole’, I have worked with you going on three years, and you are just as passionate now as you have always been. You say what you mean, and wear your heart on your sleeve. You wrote a wonderful poem that is filled with emotion,irony and is felt. Love it my friend!

  18. Ponchituti Boucher says:

    Frolito I think that the most beautiful thing about your poem is perhaps its ability to make everyone who read it to see ourselves one way or another identified and touched by what you express in it. I think that’s the reason why it is inevitable for all those who read it to feel at least one tear escaping from our eyes. In my case, even when I tried to read it from the coldness of a literary critique it became impossible not to cry when i was reading it. Frolito Congratulations very well done, I mean the poem, not to make us cry LOL

  19. Hunt Harbour says:

    Well Frolic it quite a thing to write a poem I believe … yeup it quite a thing. I expect it take some lots of work to think on u feelings first off … then put all such things into words. An such courage to share such words with everyone … such strength an courage. I believe there quite a lot to discuss about u poem Frolic … but it much too personal to say everything in a blog i expect. But it quite a thing to discuss so I believe u shall come to California right away an we shall hold such a discussion. Yeup, that the proper thing for such poems as this I expect. What time u plane gonna land and I pick u up at the airport. :D

  20. tymonalexander says:

    Hello ,
    Beautifull poeme i very well done .
    sadly that happens alot where love is not balance one side give and other take with no return if not ask even more .
    but love is blind we love with heart and which make brain stop thinking sometimes . untle time we open eyes and see that does not deserve .
    but life is too short to spend on pain love story , better be happy alone than on bad campgny.
    every one deserve love and be loved and that what i hope to all of you ..

  21. FrolicM says:

    Thank you Dax and Cari and all of you who took the time to read my first poem.

    I see this hits home for many of us and I am happy it does. Sometimes it’s hard to turn a loss into a win, but fortunately it happened to me.

    Also Thank you Carilynn for that beautiful quote on your skype, that’s what inspired this poem!



  22. Carilynn OHare says:

    Frolito, I think this is a beautiful first poem and I hope you will write another when you are inspired. Some people are in our lives for long periods of time and others not for so long, but each person that we interact with is there for a reason I believe. I remember every single teacher I have had since Kindergarten, and yes, maybe I do not think of them often, but some made more of an impression than others, and some taught me more than what comes in books which I took on my life journey. And in SL, you are one of those teachers who has made a difference not only for me but for so many others. I was one of those lurking shadows for a long time; now I have the privilege of annoying you each day! And unfortunately, you will never get rid of me, NEVER NEVER NEVER!!

    But seriously, although it hurts sometimes to lose someone you spent so much time with and loved so dearly, you are a better person for having had that person with you for whatever time it was. So embrace the pain and remember the good times because they are now a part of who you are.

    Good night my sweet friend . . . <3

  23. Dax Dover says:

    Frolic, this is beautifully expressed, thank you for sharing it. As I read it, I hear an inner voice saying the words “letting go”… if I were to change the word “student” to “daughter”, it would be my story as a parent. The toughest lesson I learned was having to let go. But not just as a parent, but as a friend, lover, student, and creator of my life…. There’s a saying that goes something like, “letting go isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new life.” That was so hard to accept before, but now, I see how true it is, and I have no regrets, only gratitude. And I know that all the things I did for my children, friends, lovers, etc., have helped not just them, but everyone they will ever be in contact with, and even if I never heard from them again, I am glad for what we had. :-) Peace.

  24. FrolicM says:

    Just wanted to post this to thank everyone, but in reality, I am posting this to get one of those funny pictures on the side…

  25. Infiniti says:

    Such a touching poem, Frolic. Reminds me of starting out, growing, moving on and looking back at all those that have supported me along the way. It evokes many emotions. Well said, Frolic! Thank you for sharing!

  26. Lexa Kronfeld says:


    Very well done for your first try :) I think everyone who has been in SL, model or not, can relate to your poem. Friends from the past leave empty rooms in our hearts, and a sad, fond feeling for whatever we went through together.

    As former teacher in RL, my students are still thought of frequently. Always with fondness and hopes for their future being the best it can be. I am probably forgotten, but a teacher never forgets.

    Many people walk there, take comfort in it. Warm hugs,


  27. Bonny Greenwood says:

    Beautiful poem Frolic! Reminds me of some of my own past experiences. :)

  28. Geryn Sloane says:

    awww Frolic. Any poem that moves the reader emotionally is a good poem. muy bueno!!

    hugs…. and been there, felt that too.

  29. Clayjn says:

    Speaks of the scars we all have in our past from the one we miss, love, hate and remember. One who shaped us intot he being we are today! Kudos Mr. Fro Kudos.

    • Simply beautiful, you are blessed with the gift to move hearts and minds, in no matter what language or life. Thank you for sharing it and with such humility.

      P.S. I so miss hearing your enchanting ascent and voice in second life. XOXO

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