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World’s End Garden: Beauty Among the Ruins

Brigit Ranger March 24, 2012 Art & Theatre, Women's Fashion 6 Comments

While shopping for the perfect evening gown, I stumbled across a fashion boutique that I can only describe as beauty among the ruins. World’s End Garden is a shopping experience that answers the question, “What happens when art structures and fashion collide?”

World’s End Garden, owned by Lucia Genesis, is comprised of three small shops spread out across the Second Life grid. The first location, Dernier Lamento Sim, appears to be the flagship store. The grandest one of the three it defines Ms. Genesis’ beautiful ruins aesthetic.

World's End Garden Shop in the Dernier Lamento Sim (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

This pretty shell of a shop has a combination of clothing items (all gifts by the way) and choice pieces of distressed antique furniture. I ended up purchasing a charming desk and chair set.

Requiem Pour Unes ur Perdue Gown (Group Gift) designed by Lucia Genesis (Photo By Brigit Ranger)

Writing Desk and Chair designed by Lucia Genesis (L$250) (Photo By Brigit Ranger)

Landing point at World's End Garden shop in the Dernier Lamento Sim (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

Next is the shop located in the RMK Gothic Sim.  Set in a 19th century British town, this shop, like the others, doesn’t boast with tons of merchandise. Overall there are four gowns to choose from and two delicious gift items.  As with all of her shops the designer presents a fine balance of art, nature, and fashion. In the RMK location’s case the clothing is geared more toward the Goth set, but are not so exaggerated in their design that those outside of the clique wouldn’t want to wear them.

World's End Garden Shop at the RMK Gothic Sim Location (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

World's End Garden Shop Interior at the RMK Gothic Sim (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

Funky Queen of Heart Goth gown (L$120) designed by Lucia Genesis (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

La Nuit du Chasseur Goth gown (Group Gift) designed by Lucia Genesis (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

In the Apis Peri Sim, exists what I believe to be the most beautiful shop out of the three. I can only describe it as the most tranquil bridal salon ever. I am not sure if anyone has ever been married there, but in my opinion, it is the perfect place for a small and intimate wedding ceremony.

World's End Garden Shop at the Apis Peri Sim (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

World's End Garden Shop at Apis Peri Sim (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

Within this plain white structure is a sunlight white marble space with descending steps dressed with melted white candles. At the bottom are gentle waves highlight with reflections of the sun. Standing in the center of the shop you are surrounded by floating fairy-like pixels, the sound of waves, and a bewitching tune being played by the remains of what must have been a handsome piano. The clothing items in this space are not as appealing as it’s sister shops, but there is a nice gift chapeau by the door that I feel is worth picking up before you leave.

La Reye Illusoire gown (L$250) designed by Lucia Genesis (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

Pretty chapeau (Group Gift) designed by Lucia Genesis (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

La Reye Ravissant wedding gown (L$250) designed by Lucia Genesis (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

A visit to World’s End Garden isn’t just a shopping experience, it’s an art exhibition where you are more than welcome to sit-down, reflect and enjoy your surroundings. Wouldn’t it be nice if every shopping venture was that way?

- Brigit Ranger, Associated SL correspondent


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  5. Rusalka Callisto says:

    This really is gorgeous and a unique experience. I encourage everyone to check it out! Beautiful!

  6. Wow, thanks for posting this Brigit, love it and look forward to following your path through these sims!

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