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Nave Fall Has a Few Corrections to Note

Nave Madison Fall March 21, 2012 Editorials, Land No Comments

There are a couple of corrections to the “The White Knight of FFL 2012 – Zeebster Colasanti CEO of Dream Seeker Estates” article about Zeebster Colasanti and Dream Seeker Estates that I’ve been remiss in not making before now.

1) Despite the acquisition of Costa Rica Sims, Dream Seeker Estates Corporation remains the third largest estate management group defined by number of sims owned. Still REALLY big…

2) Although all DSE support requests are recorded in support tickets, residents have a choice of a number of ways of contacting Dream Seeker’s support staff including all the normal avenues of paging people in-world or asking for help in group chat.  Very new to Dream Seeker Estates and Second Life in general is DSE’s introduction of live chat support directly through the DSE website, soon to be integrated with an in-world pager system. Dream Seeker Estates is pioneering in opening doors to make it as easy as possible to get support questions and issues resolved.

Giancarlo Takacs

3) Giancarlo Takacs did not break his contract by leaving Costa Rica Sims, although a contract did exist.  Giancarlo broke the initial sale contract by failing to transfer all assets purchased by Zeebster Colasanti in a timely manner and by continuing to represent himself as the CEO of Costa Rica Sims through his personal social media accounts.  Certain assets that have been sold to Dream Seeker Estates Corporation still have not been transferred.  An example of this is certain landscaping items in public spaces of Costa Rica Sims defined in the sale contract as “CRS Brand” that were included and paid for in the sale and but were subsequently removed from the sims by Lunatico Inventor who claimed that they were “his” items.  This failure to transfer all assets in a timely manner created a situation where a on-going work relationship was not possible between Zeebster and Giancarlo. Zeebster and Giancarlo agreed, through a new contract, to Giancarlo’s departure.  By the terms of the new, current contract, Giancarlo has agreed to have no further communication with residents of Costa Rica Sims except on private matters not related to the business of the estate. What this means is that if a Costa Rica Sims resident contacts Giancarlo with any information, comment or question concerning land rentals, fashion business, or management of the Costa Rica Sims, any response from Giancarlo other than “I am sorry but I cannot discuss this with you” would constitute a breach of that contract.  One of the Costa Rica Sims residents has recently in fact informed the new management team that Giancarlo is contacting residents, “trashing” the new team, and sabotaging the estate.

While I may have painted a less then flattering picture of Giancarlo Takacs, former head of Costa Rica Sims, the gist of story about Zeebster Colasanti and Dream Seeker Estates saving the day for Costa Rica Sims, and ALL its residents, stands on the facts.

1) If Zeebster hadn’t stepped in Costa Rica Sims would be gone and any recourse on the part of those people would be difficult at best.

2) The myth that was promulgated of a $5,000US monthly financial “leak” leaves a lot of questions to be answered by Giancarlo. In another interview Giancarlo was asked what the biggest challenge he’d ever faced in SL. He mentioned something about being unable to make people “understand that no matter how real this virtual world feels it should never replace your real life.”

3) It seems that the line between others SL money and his RL money isn’t one he had any trouble crossing over. Sadly, it seems the challenge of keeping his hands off other people’s money was an insurmountably big one for him, to say nothing of staying true to the contract he signed with Zeebster.

I know you all were upset about me ruining my track record for perfect presentation. What can I say? Hopefully this sets things straight.

I’m just,

Nave Fall

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