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March LEA Full Sim Art Installation: Labyrinth of Absurdity

Lady Victoria Lenoirre March 19, 2012 Art & Theatre No Comments

Every month the LEA (Linden Establishment of the Arts) Full Sim hosts a different work by an artist or artists. This month features a body of work by Kicca Igaly  and Nessuno Myoo entitled “Labyrinth of Absurdity.” It is built to look like an industrial plant. Starting from the teleport pad, you have to fly up to see the eight-part work. Flying is the only way you can navigate. There are stairs, but you might not get too far. Isn’t that absurd…

Opening night was March 8th at 2pm SLT. However, I arrived at 4pm. To my delight, Kicca and Nessuno were there to greet me and other visitors who couldn’t make it sooner. They are most kind.

They are from Rome, Italy. I wrote about their collaboration of art for UWA (University of Western Australia) in SL blog. You can read my original post here.

I really enjoyed flying around and examining each exhibit. Thank you so much to Ness and Kicca for an excellent body of work this month! The details and textures really enhanced the meaning in each work. Wonderful choice for the windlight! I am also so thankful that they answered my questions so well, I loved reading their answers. They have been very kind. Grazie mille!

Also, on opening night I saw nexuno Thespian there. I have been interviewing him for BOSL magazine for several days. He won first place in the UWA 3d Art Challenge in September 2011 for his installation, “Autumn.” He also submitted “Come Into My Mind”. He currently has 2 installations at LEA, INSECTIA and ARACNIA. Check them out when you have time! Molto bene! I had a lot of fun talking to him and following him around.

The Best of Second Life magazine’s March issue features some great SL art and will feature other excellent artists, so definitely check it out!

Have fun and enjoy the art!
Divertirsi  e godetevi l’arte!

~Victoria Lenoirre, Associated SL Press Correspondent

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