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What Will I Get Out of This Second Life?

Reign March 18, 2012 Editorials, Landing Point, The Frolic Corner 23 Comments

About a month ago I received an anonymous note card challenging me by saying something like:  “If Linden Labs ever closed Second Life, what would you be left with?” It was written, of course, in the nastiest and most cynical way anyone would care to read. I didn’t think it had anything intelligent to say so I discarded it.

Today for some reason, I remembered this comment and I started to think about it. What will I be left with when SL closes?  Beautiful memories and a great experience is the best answer I am able to come up with.

Is it worth it?  Oh yes, it is!

I don’t know why people are so afraid of endings. Every cycle in the universe has a beginning, a transformation, and an ending.  This is true of Second Life as well as real life. We are born, we evolve and grow, and we eventually die. So this question would be like saying: Oh poor fellow, what will he end up with when he dies?

Life itself is composed of smaller cycles of action that shape us into what we are today. We go to school, we find our first job, we discover love, we buy a house, we have failures, we discover pain, we discover pleasure, and so on.

Even failures and pain can be turned into positive experiences, in my humble opinion. Learn from them and move towards greater goals, because at the end of the day it will be you and your inner voice who will decide what was right and what was wrong. The beauty and value of your memories and experiences, and the state you find yourself in, will be the true answer.

The happiest man in the world would be the one who has the most beautiful memories and gained the most valuable knowledge from worthy experiences throughout his life.

I don’t see Second Life as a different life; it actually is part of my real life, and whether it closes or not, I would never change the value of this inexplicably wonderful ride.

– Frolic Mills

If Second Life were to end today, what would you have gotten out of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

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  1. Morgane Batista says:

    If Second life closed tommorow?

    Well first i’d wish i’d have time to transfer my money to rl hehehe but most important of all, i would walk out sl with great friendships and knowledge.

    I made so many friends in SL, In RL i’m more introverted, having had a hard bullied child / teenhood, i dont get close to everybody as fast, and trust is harder to get. In SL, most people have less issues to communicate with others, which makes it easier to build friendship. Each time someone leaves, it’s a feeling of loss. I still have friends i made in forums over 10 years ago, so it,s not because 1 door closes that another one won’t open.

    As knowledge, i never been someone who was fashionable, now when i dress up to go out, i’m more careful on what i choose to wear. Also, i didnt know i had the abilities i have within sl that could possibly transfer in real life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In RL I am disabled, often in pain and sometimes think about what if I wasn’t in RL at all. Not that I believe in dipping out of life no matter the circumstances so don’t worry. In SL I am whole, I have good friends and a wonderful partner, I adore them all. I can creative beautiful items for people to enjoy and do all the things that are closed to me in RL.

    If SL closed I would need to find another similar platform in which to exist. The virtual world keeps me sane. It keeps me a whole man instead of a sorry half. I am glad it exists since it enables my spirit to fly even if my body is crap.

    I know some of the people who have replied to this post. I hardly ever make a fuss in SL so I will not put my name down now. Those are my thoughts on the matter suffice to say… thank you for giving us all the opportunity to reply, Frolic. You and I have never spoken, although I have been at events and seen you there. You are always bright, cheerful and kind to people. Those are the sort of qualities worth expressing in our Virtual World.

  3. Ava Jhamin says:

    If Second Life were to end I think I would take away from it friendships. I hear my children laugh and say mom it’s not real it’s just Second Life. Well the people are real, and good, bad or indifferent the people are what make Second Life.

    I know of a hand full of people I have taken outside of Second Life and called friends. I know also that for the most part second life or not they are here to stay for life.

    I think also that I have been nieve when it comes to people and their motives on sl. I am one of those that are exactly the same in rl and on sl. I don’t understand and will never understand the deceit, the nasty, the ones out just to make a buck. But also I have to say Karma is a bitch. lol

    I think it would be hard for me if second life went bye bye, but again I have a wonderful rl and wonderful family and friends. I would have to cry a bit and say avoire sl and see what God has in store for me next. I came to second life from doing a ministry on another site so hey if it’s time to move on well thats all I need to know right………..Be Blessed and Be Kind

  4. Parisian Skytower says:

    The main thing I have gotten from Second Life is knowledge, knowledge and more knowledge. Knowledge in many different areas from fashion, different cultures, photo-shop, clothing design, LAG:) The list could go on for days……

  5. Like Rusalka, in real life I am frightfully shy, more often then not I prefer a book to a human. So SL has given to me book in which I am an active character in my story. But if it should end, and I have thought of this a bit through the years, my time in SL fits perfectly into my vision of the cycle of a human’s life.

    Our life from birth to death is a journey, at times as we travel, our paths cross with the life paths of others and for a spell we walk togethers. Some of these meetings are harsh and filled with realities that when learned, strengthen us, these pivotal moments move who we are a little more to the wiser side. Others we meet are like cool water on a hot day, they soothe our soul and teach us to pass kindness on to others. As oft the way in life, as the fellow travelers move away, they are not gone from us; they are simply “tucked away” in an already perused chapter of our life story. When needed, it is always permissible to go back and finger through the pages of their lovely written chapter in our life, because it is written in our heart, but for the most part we steadfastly read forward to the last chapter of our history.

    So in this way Second Life is simply a chapter of our lives, not the center of our lives. But what a magnificent chapter it is! I think the soul is born muted in color but as we open our minds and hearts we grow in spirit. And when we venture off the path of our functional real world environment and meet other cultures, accept other beliefs, learn of so many people, even if only virtually, our soul resonates this change, making us more brilliant, more passionate, more creative, and more involved in THE world, not just OUR world. And, I feel, something that makes us more open to other realities than our own, can only help to make the real world we inhabit a softer, kinder place.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow if secondlife where to end i would always have the memories of enjoying other people company from all over the world
    My Inventory,I think i will cry on that one (would love to have in real)
    The little messages frolic send out that makes me laugh (realtalk)
    Learning alot more about fashion and enjoying going to shows
    I will miss listening to other people music and enjoying it
    The shopping,i don’t shop that much in real
    Being able to pick any kind of home i want and live in it
    It will be a sad day but life keeps going and you have to move on to the next chapter
    but i will miss the people,the ones that even if they don’t know that they but a smile on my face
    We don’t know about people and how there life or days are going take a little time to say hello once in awhile you just might make someone smile that day,we are not here forever that person might not might be here the next day(realtalk).

  7. Hezabel Blackheart says:

    Now… hmm… let me see. I’ll be left with more money in the bank. That’s for sure. Then I’ll have all sorts of time to read and watch tv and go to the gym.. (gad!!.. there is a gym somewhere!), but I do a bit of boxing at work so all that is good. I would eat more home cook meals for sure. Now for the rest of the world.. the bank will be doing worst because there won’t be so many fees to charge me. As the reading of books goes, I’ll lose my eyesight quicker reading on a black and white page than a monitor.. so blind I am now. Watching too much TV is going to brainwash me and I’ll become a fan of American Idol. Going to the gym is going to leave me skinnier but I still can’t go to the gym because I must watch all my favorite shows on TV. I’ll eat at home, but all the take-out restaurants in the area will be affected by the drop on their income. As the bank the gyms and the restaurants will layoff their employees because the economy is now in shambles, you find that the American dollar loses its value. The stock market crashes.. The price of gas soars and Canada finally takes over… O.o

    What the?…

    Is all the same RL/SL .. you meet the good the bad and the ugly. Take what makes you whole and stab everyone else with a wet noodle

  8. Melinda Bayn says:

    If SL closed, I would stay with all the good memories I have of these almost 4 years enjoyed the magic of this virtual platform.
    Where I played to the generation of virtual Barbies …
    Where I do role, photos, I was an actress, model, mother, wife, sister and daughter …
    I’ll take all lived in and out, because of which I crossed the line …
    I will keep all “my pictures” about my hobby for jumping in sl …
    God! I have a lot to have to stay ….
    And the truth, to be honest, I will be one to regret if the SL close … xD!
    Uys Frolic’s your fault you made me worry …. let me make copy about all in sl I do not want to miss!! jajajjajaa
    Kisses and I follow you ….

    Si SL cerrara, me quedaria con todos los recuerdos que tengo de estos casi 4 años disfrutados de la magia de esta plataforma virtual.
    Donde jugue a la generacion de barbies virtuales…
    Donde rolee, fotografie, fui actriz, modelo, madre, esposa, hermana e hija…
    Me quedo con todo lo vivido dentro y fuera, porque fui de las que cruzo la linea…
    Me quedare con todas “mis fotos” de mi aficion por saltar en sl…
    Dios! tengo mucho con que quedarme….
    Y la verdad, para ser honestos; sere una de las que lamentara si cierra… xD!!!
    Uys Frolic por tu culpa me has hecho preocuparme…. dejame hacer copia fuera de sl de todo lo que no quisiera perder!!!! jajajjajaa
    Besitos y te sigo….

  9. Mesh Carter says:

    Seeing as SL kind of ended for me last year I can say, after giving a chance to a brief comeback that SL proved to me that I can be great in my real life job, that I can dress up and shop for myself without any female help and that I can talk to almost everyone I choose to because every person is a person after all.
    I guess that question may be a good reminder to keep and spread our Avs’ mail addresses and skype accounts among our friends in case this happens, because there are wonderful friends out there and I would not want the connection broken without any possibility of other communication methods.

    Second life is not a game, it was never one, it’s a glimpse into future issues of virtual existence, be it law issues, identity theft issues, economic issues or even social issues. there’s something a lot more personal about it that facebook or smartphones.

    I still like the fact it’s there when I need it.

  10. Pingdog Stiefelman says:

    If Second Life were to end tomorrow, I feel that there would be a deep void within me. I am my avi, and my avi is me. I have made many a good friend and many a mortal enemy, both pixalated and flesh. I am better for it however, for those that call me friend, are true friends indeed. I would be empty not being able to walk around in my furry snow leopard fur, and a Mankind Tracer Bikini, listening to some of the most amazing undiscovered artists, and meeting people with unbelievable talent in making items for our second bodies. There would be a true void, but no regrets in learning to cope with that void. I am sure there is more, however coffee has become a precedent, and I must go stalk my mug and mew until it is filled.
    =^.^= Ping

  11. Dark says:

    Sl is like rl, in all the good and bad things that happen. You learn to grow as a person and reflect on decision you made in both lives. What would i miss? i think the friends i have, though a few are now in my rl. And if i never took the time to download SL, after seeing it on csi i think it was. I would never have meant so many wonderful people ( or the few bad ones :P).

    SL allows me to do things i couldn’t in rl, People take for granted the ability to walk. Something i have difficulty with now and have had to live with for the past 4 years years, But i do walk about in SL and wander lovely sims, go shopping and do all the things that limit me in RL. Oh and move house when i want to and be in nice wierd designs, how could you live that in rl :))

    For the 3 most special people who joined my SL household, Two who now have left SL and one that is sadly near her life end in rl. My eternal friendship and love will be theirs for always.

    So if SL ceased, I would take more happy memories then sad ones.

  12. Rissa Friller says:

    I think this is an amazing question, and Frolic, you have definately made some great points in your answer. From what I have learned in my journey on my “so called” life so far is I enter different phases or cycles. I find myself constantly changing which is the way it should be. You tend to figure out your life path by trial and errors and constantly evolve into the person you are today.

    When I find something I really like to do or truly feel comfortable with I usually jump in with both feet right away. Finding Second Life was exactly that. It was an exciting new hobby that I dedicated a lot of myself into and yes, money too, but unlike other hobbies I have had in the past like scrapbooking, painting, building miniature dollhouses, reading (just to name a few) I found this one giving me back something in return. The other hobbies leave you with a beautiful finished project or in some cases a huge mess, but I find that Second Life has brought me friendships that run deeper then just a game.

    It also turned out to be a great tool for me to get me through a very difficult divorce. It gives you a place to vent or just talk to people about issues you may have in your RL just like a RL support group may help you with. I also have become a better listener to people as well.

    Most importantly, Second Life helped me discover things about myself. I can be painfully shy, even in a virtual world, so I feel it helped me come out of my shell a bit. I also learned that when I set my mind to something, and go after something I want, I truly can make it happen. All of this I have carried with me to RL and it is just making me stronger for the next chapter of my life, whatever that may be.

    So if SL ended tomorrow and I have recovered from losing the most amazing “virtual” closet I have ever owned, I would take away really good things, great memories and realize it’s just what’s meant to be!

  13. If Second Life were to end I would be very sad, I have met some amazing people that I would never have known, learned some skills I would never have dreamed of, and missed a whole lot of creativity.
    There are so many truly talented people in SL and many kind hearted ones, I love the people I have been lucky enough to meet,
    There are of course the few that will always not be so nice, but the great thing about SL is you have a mute button for those types.
    wish I had a mute button in RL LOL.

  14. Dariuskragin Resident says:

    Frolic loved the deep words and they are very poignant….

    If Second Life where to say today is the day it all ends I would walk away with heart felt friendships and long lasting memories. Second Life has brought another facet into my own life both for good and bad and I walk away with no regrets. I have loved, cried and laughed in Second Life and hope to do so for many years to come. To all those who know me and I am fortunate enough to call friends I love you all and no matter what it has brought my life a new perspective and knowing you all has enriched my life.

    “True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.”
    – George Washington

    Darius :))

  15. topaz joubert says:

    Blood shot eyes, sleep deprivation and carpol tunnel. .. but its been worth every minute of it and wouldnt change a thing! Second Life like our first lives is what you make it.

  16. Hunt Harbour says:

    “If Linden Labs ever closed Second Life, what would you be left with?”

    well … it a scary thing to think on … but it a fact. Someday, sometime, maybe lindenlab wish to close up for good. so what can i ever be left with after all?

    First: i can be left with knowledge that … no matter what they can say in a newspaper or on a t.v. show or magazine about how terrible real world is … that there people in other cities, in other states, in other countries that have good and pure hearts filled with kindness and love. i know this cuz i met them from SL.

    Second: i can be left with knowledge that … even if in real life somebody can be so horrible to you and take u heart an smash in into the ground like gum on the bottom of u shoe, and then even stomp on it some more … that there people from SL that can care about u and make u heart work again and make u feel love and care and compassion again.

    Third: i can be left with Frolic’s real life address plus google maps so i can stalk him on the RL grid. U can type it right here Frolic _____________________________ i won’t tell. :-P

  17. CottonCandy Teardrop says:

    I dont respond on here as much as I should.. but I really wanted to respond to this.. because it is really something i feel very strongly about.. SL has changed my RL…. Through sl i’ve learned how to perserve.. I’ve meet people who have changed my rl though enriching it.. through encouraging me to improve myself.. who have taught me that i can be better then i am now..to make me want more from my rl to not settle.. I’ve learned to not give up.. and seen the results of not giving up on things.. so even though SL does evolve.. and change.. and people you love come and go.. it can definately be a positve influence on your rl.. it just depends on what you take from it.. so for me.. no matter what happens.. i’ll be grateful for my sl experiences good and bad.. as well as the many people i have meet and come to love.. Thank you all!!!!

  18. What I have gained from my SecondLife experience so far is so vast and varied… I am who I am today – in all the worlds there are – in part because of these experiences. I came here with an open mind, open heart, and open hand. My mind has been filled with so much information and learning about so many, many things. My heart is full of love and has been touched deeply by many people here. My hands are full of such wondrous gifts including things I have created myself…and the hands of friendship and caring from across the universe.

    My writing has been incredibly enriched, my art has developed and taken new turns, my interests deepened, and my life blessed by the beauty and artistry there is to be found here – and by the many friends who have shared with me so much of themselves, their dreams. My own dreams have taken flight and I feel myself soaring above the clouds, drifting in slivery mists, or drifting peacefully over an ocean so blue. Ah! The wonder of it!

    I hope that SecondLife goes on for many years to come, but should it end tomorrow, I would feel not only deeply saddened but also incredibly grateful; the joy would outdistance the pain, of this I am certain. It is as you say, Frolic. There are cycles of life and we can derive the most from our living of them by being open to all the possibilities including the truth that nothing lasts forever (well, nothing but love and precious life itself)…

    Many thanks to you for this article and question. I thank also the person who wrote you that notecard; again, this proves that it is all about perspective and our capacity to see the good even when the bad looms large. Contrasts are what make life so interesting – the dark and the light, the joyous and the sad. This is life! Take it all in, do not cheat yourself of one moment of tears or of laughter. Dare to dream, dare to do; live and love and make memories that you will cherish always.

    Be well and happy!

  19. Beautifully said Frolic and I love your words on this question I have asked myself a number of times.

    If Second Life were to end today… I might regret that huge chunk of cash I know I’ve spent and will never see back… but hell, I’ve spent more money on other hobbies I’ve given up over time.

    I will carry away a feeling of growth as a person from my Second Life. In RL I am horribly shy and quiet. I don’t speak much, I generally listen. I hide in the corner at parties, too shy to dance when asked, too nervous to enjoy social situations much. Second Life has helped me learn to be more social and sociable in a safe environment. I have also learned to speak out when I feel I cannot contain my thoughts or feelings. I think I am learning to do more of that in RL because of SL. I have grown, and keep growing, through my interactions in this virtual society.

    Besides that, I would also come away with a sense of happiness at having done something I try enjoyed for a really long time. And a sense of pride at learning new skills and new things about myself. For instance, I learned I like to create and play in virtual, digital graphics. That has led me to learn Photoshop and GIMP, tools that have gone on to help me a lot in my RL work as well!

    • FrolicM says:

      Thank you Rusalkita:

      I didn’t want to get too personal in my response, but I have loved, learned and met so many wonderful people that have now transcended into my real life, I will never have any regrets at all.


  20. Myfun Destiny says:

    New languages and many, many new friends, RL and SL
    Cool new fashions
    Touring the Titanic!
    Where else can you go to be wished Happy New Year from every country in the world?
    The many kindnesses of others

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