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The White Knight of FFL 2012 – Zeebster Colasanti CEO of Dream Seeker Estates

Nave Madison Fall March 13, 2012 Charity Events, Editorials, Interviews, Landing Point, News, SL Celebrities 15 Comments

The American Cancer Society’s four-month-long Relay for Life fund-raiser has begun in Second Life with the Fashion for Life event. This 10 sim event has been under development for months now guided by the steady hand, even temper and edgy style of Harper Beresford and her myriad of assistants (lord knows she came up with enough work for me to do). But amidst the shopping frenzy that happens when you get over 200 of SL’s best fashion designers all together in one place, there are background stories that must be told as well. One of those is a BIG story about the emergence, as if by magic, of a white knight who offered, without being asked, to sponsor ALL 10 Fashion For Life sims.

That knight in shining armor is none other then Zeebster Colasanti, CEO of Dream Seeker Estates. Despite the difficulties and concerns of taking over the Costa Rica sims, including the sudden departure of Giancarlo Takacs despite a legally binding RL contract, Zeebster has leapt in with grace and commitment.

Zeebster Colasanti

CEO of Dream Seeker Estates

In addition to their large capitol infusion, Dream Seeker Estates Corporation will be providing a rich schedule of events including fashion shows, live music, social dances and other events. “We are planning to engage the communities of all three Dream Seeker estates to organize and host a minimum of 12 hours of activities every day in support of Fashion For Life”, says Samantha Ohrberg, DSE’s Community Engagement Manager. I thought Mr. Colasanti’s story needed to be told and his generosity applauded by all of us. Consider this an exposé because over the next few days we’ll be telling some stories about other things besides our hero, as he’s affectionately known, the Zeeb. You will want to check back and follow up on what I’m writing here……………………..

Zeebster Colasanti owns SL’s third largest virtual real estate holding corporation and, recently, acquired the Costa Rica Sims (CRS) estate  to complement DSE corporation’s existing portfolio of Dream Seeker Estates and Rockhopper Estates. Together these 3 estates comprise over 700 regions on the Second Life grid and support a community of well over 2000 residents. The purchase of the Costa Rica Sims from Giancarlo Takacs, former CEO of CRS (although he seems to have not updated his plurk profile to reflect that IMPORTANT fact yet. Why is that Giancarlo? It would only take a minute to update this and it would set things straight for your many fans and followers. They might even stop IMing you about CRS stuff. I suppose it’s hard to let go though :P ) is the most important acquisition in the history of Dream Seeker Estates Corporate because of its strategic and game-changing implications. This consolidation may have moved Dream Seekers into second place on the roster of  virtual real estate management companies in SL.

Dream Seeker’s official press release says it well:

“Costa Rica Sims estate brings a new dimension to the corporation’s portfolio – a well established and vibrant community and a team that made it happen. ‘This is something we always tried to establish within our other estates,’ says Zeebster, ‘So this acquisition completes us in pursuit of our own vision.’ The Costa Rica Sims community has been established around the vision of the landscapes, architecture and natural habitats of the real country of Costa Rica, with a strong focus on the fashion industry of Second Life. The estate has developed a true sense of community among its residents who get together for regularly scheduled events ranging from retro dance nights and latest display of fashion shows to its two iconic events – Miss Costa Rica Sims and Mr Costa Rica Sims.”

A joint DSE/CRS team has been formed to ease communications during the transition period while the new management group gets to know the community and its needs. The DSE/CRS transition team is charged with the responsibility of not only maintaining but improving the CRS’s residents’ lives on what has been described as one of SL’s prettiest, integrated, sim environments. To ease that transition the team’s budget has been nearly doubled and is expected to continue to grow over time to fund existing events, add new events, and integrate the communities in the corporate portfolio into the mix of CRS’s expansive array of community celebrations and affairs.

The company’s contribution to Fashion for Life event exemplifies an SL company venturing into the realm of  RL philanthropy and service. “I like to think that this is a part of our core values,” said Mr. Colasanti. “Some SL realty organizations have one motto: ‘Sales calls take priority.’ Not us. For example, our staff is split between sales and service. DSE has a full time, dedicated support staff and support ticketing system that allows us to track requests and ensures that issues are not dropped down a crack and are resolved in a timely manner. Usually problems are resolved within hours,” added Zeebster. “The key is our support staffers are not involved in sales. They’re dedicated to problem solving. Sales are why they’re here and service gets them there. “

He continues by saying, “Basically a sim is a sim. There is really no difference in the technical capabilities of the product, especially when looking for stand-alone sims. It is entirely irrelevant what that sim looks like, since the resident can make it look like anything he, or she, wants.” The differences show up in how the estate owner supports their customers. For example, Dream Seeker Estates uses a support ticketing system to deal with issues that arise. Any client with an issue submits a ‘ticket.’ Usually the ticket’s problem is resolved within hours, if necessary, working it’s way up the ladder – all the way to Zeebster if necessary or beyond to Linden Labs – until it’s fixed to everyone’s satisfaction.

To date, Colasanti has put a lot of effort into keeping the Costa Rica Sims intact, including agreeing to employ and keep on its former owner. However, Giancarlo Takacs broke his contract–a legal contract both parties signed. He was to remain on board as the CRS estate manager for a year following this acquisition, but after the sale, he departed abruptly, abandoning his community and his former residents. Stay tuned for more about this over the next few days……………………

Just so we’re clear about this, I’ve asked Giancarlo Takacs to chat with me about DSE/CRS sales transaction but so far all he’s done was to refer me to the video of his interview with BOSL CEO Frolic Mills for information about the sale. The video was a bit, shall we say, superficial, lacking any details. I’m hoping Giancarlo agrees to participate in this soon. Regardless of whether he chooses to or not we’re going to go ahead on this story.

So there you have a bit of background on Zeebster Colasanti, his generosity to FFL 2012, Dream Seeker Estates acquisition of the Costa Rica Sims, and Giancarlo Takacs, formerly the CEO of Costa Rica Estates before his departure from this venture.

I’m just,

Nave Fall

Troublemaker in Charge, Associated SL Press

While I was writing this I was listening to:

Sinnerman a rare recording by Nina Simone ( you’ll recognize it from The Thomas Crown Affair)

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  2. This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol

  3. Lukman says:

    I was inspired by a nemubr of things but mainly by long pretentious email signatures. some even have blinky things in them. Annoying at the end of every email. . . actually annoying at the end of any email.

  4. Well, I am just now getting around to finally reading this post, (an excellent article Nave, with many thanks for such an interesting read)…and all I can say is wow.

    Compared to Rusalka and Saleena, my sis Veronica and I must have been lucky as we never saw any of the mud slinging and the deterioration of the CRS community around us…but to be fair, we are both very private persons and perfectly happy just to have a beautiful home at what we feel is a very fair price.

    That said…yes, Giancarlo made us move from a different CRS sim to our current one as well. He was being rather pushy about it, but we stood firm and reserved our right to simply say ‘no’ if we should not like the new parcel that was being offered to us. Well, we did like it:) and so we moved, making sure that the prim count and the monthly lease would remain unchanged. So far, so good…the new place actually is even more beautiful than what we had before:)

    Still, after reading this post, I feel rather glad to be in the good hands of Zeebster and his new team, also I have already taken advantage of the new support system and can say that it is absolutely stellar. Love it!

    Would Veronica and I have moved out of CRS entirely if we had been more exposed to the troubles that other residents had to deal with? Quite probably – but at this point I am feeling quite good about remaining here, and looking forward to the future of the CRS/DSP joint venture.

    I do miss Saleena, though – she was our direct neighbour and even flew a small airplane into my front door by accident once – we had a great laugh about it:))

    *hugs and kisses everyone!


  5. […] are a couple of corrections to the “The White Knight of FFL 2012 – Zeebster Colasanti CEO of Dream Seeker Estates” article about Zeebster Colasanti and Dream Seeker Estates that I’ve been remiss in […]

  6. Nave Madison Fall says:

    Thank you all for your comments.

    These stories, the massive Fashion For Life 2012 event (project managed so brilliantly by Harper) and the generosity of Zeebster, created, at least in my mind, one of those wonderful vignettes we seldom see in SL and it needed to be noticed.

    I admit to a couple of minor errors about Giancarlo Takacs’ departure from Costa Rica Sims management team, in what I posted above. I’ll correct those in the follow-up article that I’m researching now. I’ve asked GC to comment but he hasn’t replied.

    I’m told that I embarrassed Zeebster by painting him in a heroic way. I’d apologize if I felt bad about that, but I don’t. I’m sure he’ll survive and, hopefully, prosper despite the accolades.

    I’m also glad to hear that the Costa Rica Sims are being nurtured again and that the formerly world-class amenities are being restored to past glory by the Dream Seeker’s team.

    I’m just


  7. Nave great article on Zeebster. Glad to see he is getting great recognition for such a huge act of philanthropy with FFL. I had no idea there was one sponsor for all sims so that is just really wonderful.

    I’m intrigued by the events with CRS. I’ve always eyed that estate hoping that at some point I could afford to live there but recently had heard some disparaging remarks about the “atmosphere” so I am glad to hear that things are looking up. Community is one thing I really love about SL – even if it isn’t “my” community, it is something we seem to have lost a sense of in RL. CRS seemed to be a wonderful community and I hope they reclaim some of their lovely traditions (again that i had my eye on LOL) like the Ladies Society. Bravo to you Mr. Colasanti for being such a philanthropic businessman as well as obviously quite a SMART one. Bravo to you Nave for your indepth reporting. It was a great read and I look forward to more from you.


    • Anoron Hanson says:

      Brilliant article Nave, I was hoping to acquaint myself with CRS and Dream Seeker Estates, and here you have given me more than I could hope for. I wanted to know who was the driving force behind such a well organized event and what kind of company supports such a team so now i am well informed, thank you.

      Once in a great while the earth moves, and the ground shakes, and up comes a great human being to take the reigns like Zeebster Colasanti, he was just the man i needed to read about. I hope to hear more of his great deeds in the future.

  8. Dream Seeker Estates did, in fact, give us a great sponsorship by underwriting the Fashion for Life sims. They added to our bottom line for donations to Relay for Life and helped us kick off the Relay for Life season in a BIG way.

    Let me say, however, that our business model did not include their sponsorship originally–Fashion for Life has ALWAYS been held on multiple sims and always will be. Sponsorship donations brought in before the beginning of Fashion for Life are given to the American Cancer Society, and they get the number of sims raised per our request. This is our *sixth* year running, and we have had to run independently of a generous donor. Jamming avatars all on to one sim is DEFINITELY not conducive to the kind of fun and shopping we like to provide.

    Originally our plan had nine sims but when Dream Seekers jumped in and offered to sponsor us, we agreed to give them a tenth sim for entertainment, and the entertainment that they have brought in has been spectacular!

    DSE’s generous contributions to Fashion for Life and Relay for Life should be noted. When a corporation is willing to give back to their community on this scale, what does it say about their every day operations? Consider them next time you’re looking for land ;)

  9. Saleena Hax says:

    First off, thank you Nave for the well-written, enjoyable article. I always love good reads and when Is it down with my cappucino and settle back to read one of yours then you knwo its the beginning of a good day. Sadly though I fear that Costa Rica Sims will always have a small stigma attached to it because of Giancarlo. Locked and I spent some of our most happiest times at Costa Rica and I have to agree with my sister Rusalka here, things went down fast and tier went up. People disappeared, there were threatening ims and emails, the awful name-calling and dirt-singing, it became more of a dictators compound than a place I would call home and invite friends too. There was no warmth and joy, you log in wondering what new IM would await you or would your home even be there and that is no way to live and so we moved and now currently i live at Bonaire and have never been happier so keep up the articles and keep up the investigating because, in this case, people have a right to know! Until then, xoxo angels! -waves-

  10. Thank you Nave, it warms my heart to see people really come together over events for great causes, this is a very good cause. It’s a wonderful gesture to give 10 sims for an even that does so much to help other people. With a contribution like that they truely have enabled Fashion For Life to be successful yet again and it was a contribution from the heart no less, I applaud Zeebster Colasanti and all the staff involved from Dream Seeker Estates, they truly helped make this years FFL successful and a blessed event with the amount of heart that they so selflessly gave.

    You have written an informative article that highlights one of the larger contributors to Fashion For Life. Cancer is something we could live without, and through this research we will someday have a Cancer-FREE life for all.

    When my grandmother was alive, she was a Cancer survivor, The AMS was a big part of the role, in 2003, she had to go back every 3 months, it was so scary she feared it’s return as we all did. As the months passed she graduated up to a 6 month pass where she returned every 6 months to maintain that she was Cancer-FREE, the last stage was yearly checkups and after 2 years for the yearly checkups she was free. We’d randomly have her doctors run tests to ensure she was indeed still cancer free. That was the scariest part of my life there. My grandmother and I were always close, even during her last days on earth with us we remained close. She lived to be 91 years old.

    I’ve tried to stay involved with donating to ACS even if it was $5.00 usd simply because it’s not the amount you give but the contribution to give the gift of life to another human being, regardless of it being now or in the future.

    My wish for the future is we find a cure. My we all prosper and live well in good health. To all the many Angels involved in the event to help raise money you truly are blessed, your hearts are big and generous. THANK YOU!

    Wonderful article Nave, thank you for bringing more light to the inside of Zeebster Colasanti’s generosity with Fashion For Life and the 10 sims. A big Thank you to Zeebster Colasanti & The Dream Seeker Estates as well for all your support!

  11. Thank you Nave for a wonderfully written article. Your written is exquisite and informative.

    It is nice to read more about the people who are helping to make this event a reality. I have gained a lot of respect for Zeebster and his generosity.

    I also learned quite about of the running of the Dreamseeker sims.

  12. Coco Lierfatte says:

    Truly an awesome article! I know not many go deep into the things they are writing about, but you made it truly informational.

  13. Sweaty Badger says:

    Well, Nave, I’m glad you focused on the bigger, if not biggest, contributor to FFL. Without sponsorship of ten glorious sims, all the shoppers would be bottle necking into maybe one sim or a parcel. Not that smaller is lesser but well, this is the fashion event of the year or so I’m told. Having lost friends and family to different types of Cancer, I’m grateful it exists.

    Awhile back, I spoke to Giancarlo on Facebook and I was not at all impressed. Thus, I’m not surprised by his actions or what Rusalka describes above. However, I have been involved in a much smaller Dreamseeker Estates sponsored charity headed up by Pennelope Thiessam and was really glad to see Zeebster taking this huge but worthy project of FFL on.

    Again, it’s unfortunate that Giancarlo jumped the boat on his agreement with Zeebster but things happen for a reason. I wager it would have been a much bumpier ride for the next year with Giancarlo along so in my opinion an albatross has been tossed into the Linden seas.

    Last but not least, I have seen Nave really excited about this event for quite some time and while I have not been involved in it, I know he has put forth his normal “balls to the wall” gusto he pulls out for things that really mean a lot to him.

    I’m just…Sweaty. That’s a state and a name.



  14. Rusalka Callisto says:

    So…. I used to be a resident of Costa Rica Sims. I LOVED living there for a long time. It was truly the most beautiful place to live in Second Life — and I mean that. The staff was amazing. The amenities were astounding. I could have stayed on my little beach lot forever, even though the cost was really quite expensive for the prims. And, well, I found out later that you really didn’t actually get the prims you were paying for… but that’s another story. I was also a model for Costa Rica Sims Productions back in the days when it was run by Nisa Constantine — who was an amazing manager. There were many staffers that became my friends after I moved in there.

    Time passed. Things began to change… Events were less. The Lady’s Society vanished, re-emerged under a new helm, vanished again. Staffers I had come to know and love vanished without a mention. Actually, almost all of the staff seemed to mysteriously leave CRS during my time there. I personally turned down a staff writing job for the website after I was told the amount of work that would be required, the extremely strict rules regarding what I would have to do and how I would have to behave and what I would and would not be allowed to say, do, think, etc. Oh, and all that without any pay or a break on your tier.

    Those that had left began to send me things. Logs of conversations with Giancarlo that were extremely wild. Threats, accusations, demeaning language, name-calling. I cannot verify these were not altered logs, but I kept getting the same kinds of things from a handful of previous CRS staff members. CRSP languished. The shopping center was abruptly shut down without notice. More staff came and went. Events practically vanished. Tier certainly did not go down despite disappearing amenities and less staff to manage the sims. Residents were asked to MOVE EVERYTHING to another sim to consolidate space so areas could be shut down.

    My roomie and I became terrified that one day we would log in and our house would be gone and all our stuff floating out in SL cyberspace. We had several heated conversations with Giancarlo. I tried to remain polite and keep my mouth shut until we could exit the sim. Every time either of us said anything, he was constantly barraging us with paranoid questioning about what we’d said to whom about what. His logs to my friends and former/current CRS staff became even nastier.

    We moved to Bonaire Estates. (Love you Bonaire!) And we’ve never looked back. I would never, ever, ever, rent any land associated with Giancarlo again.

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