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Food Glorious Food!

Brigit Ranger March 10, 2012 Lifestyle No Comments

It’s almost embarrassing how much I LOVE VIRTUAL FOOD!  Apologies for shouting, but I get so exhilarated about the varioius ways that food has improved in this fabulous Second Life ours. What kicked off this sudden desire to write about foodstuffs? Recently I attended the launch party for BOSL’s new website and happened to snap a few photos of the delicious appetizers that were floating around. Damn those caterers! It’s not easy snagging a pig in a blanket when your surrounded by some of the most well-known models in SL, but hey, a girls gotta eat right?

Me wearing a chocolate cupcake costume designed by Juls Rosca (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

While teleporting home with lobster rolls in my purse, I thought it might be nice if I shared a few of my foodie haunts with my readers. You never know when you might have to host a massive dinner party, attend a food-themed costume ball, or furnish your place with nothing but sweet tarts.

Culinary Designer, DavidDM Therian (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

First up is the mother of all culinary hot spots. I came across this shop while working for a music company in SL. The owner built a conference center and needed upscale table settings.  That is when I discovered the Kitchen Korner, a gourmet food establishment owned by DavidDM Therian.  In the early days of SL, DavidDM earned his Lindens in dance competitions.  Today he has created his own gourmet food empire that can pretty much support him in real life.

The culinary shop has been around for over seven years and began when DavidDM and his then girlfriend wanted food for their home.  Since there wasn’t much for sale at the time, he designed his own meals.  His first creation was a basket of fried chicken. Once friends started to put in their requests, DavidDM decided to start a business.  His shop went from a 500 meter piece of real estate to taking up an entire sim.  He now has a countless number of products and a group with over 1100 members.

In my opinion the secret to DavidDM’s success is due to three things: One, he takes his time when it comes to launching a new product. Two, the scripting for his goodies are incredibly meticulous and three, the food design is just as good looking as the designer himself.  On the average it takes the designer about three months to get a well scripted product up and onto the shelves.  First there is research, then building, followed by beta testing (where his healthy group of followers come in), a few tweaks, and then it’s up and out the door.

Samples of Kitchen Korner Goodies (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

Walking through the department store I could hear the passion in David’s voice as he spoke to me about his various creations.  In his slight Southern drawl, he pointed out a few of his favorites.  Honestly there were so many wonderful things, that I am unable to highlight them all, but here are a few that should get you pretty excited…

The Master Chef Dining System: Wow, how do I explain this? Basically it’s an all in one eating system that comes in the form of a charming place setting. Nothing better than a video to explain it…

The Espresso Max Barista: Not sure if your a coffee and espresso lover like me, but if you are, this is the machine for you. The Espresso Max can dispense 6 different beverages espresso, espresso ristretto, espresso macchiato, cappuccino, caffe latte and latte macchiato). This sweet machine prepared my drink of choice and has the most crisp sound effects to boot! Once my drink was ready, I was sent the beverage and was asked if I wanted to use male or female animation. Unlike a number of beverages here in Second Life, when I drank my tasty latte, it wasn’t through my nose. Sipping my latte my mouth made the cutest little pucker formation and as I drank the liquid slowly emptied from my glass as well. Once I finished, my cup disappeared.  If you need a visual you can see video here.  Cost of this precious item is L$ 995.

Gourmet Buffet Station: This convenient station comes with 9 interactive food choices, 27 meal combinations, 6 built-In Optinoal rez accessories and more. All you have to do is click the table and you are automatically provided utensils and an empty plate. Then you can select the foods of your choice…even swap them if you desire. Once you have made your selections, you are asked if you are done and then offered the choice to animate your eating. Cost of this belly buster is L$ 1795/$L 1295 for members.

Morning After Breakfast in Bed Tray: Why sneak out when the two of you can have a quaint breakfast together? This tray incorporates the Master Chef system and provides over 100 plus breakfast combinations, 13 drink options and 6 pastry options. You can even choose your own tray texture (antique, walnut, noir and elegance).  Check out the promotional video here.  Cost of the bed tray is L$ 1495/ L$1195 for members.

Do you like what you have seen so far?  Well know that this gourmet guy does have a catering service and for L$ 3000 he will provide you with everything that you need in order to host the perfect high-end party, elegant wedding, and more.  He’ll even bring along a professional violin player.

While dinning in bed with Mr. Therian (Fully clothed of course) I asked him if he was a master chef in real life.  With a laugh he responded, “I’m just a bachelor in real life who eats burritos and spaghetti!”


Hi Cato is a sugary little Japanese shop located in the Comomil Sim and is owned by Sika Loon.

Upon landing at this charming place I guarantee that you will drop to your knees, look to the heavens, and cry “WHHHHHHY!” You will then come to your senses and enter the shop.

Freezing my rear on a cream soda (4 prims) designed by Sika Loon of Hi Cato (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

How do I define this heavenly shop?  Well, I suppose you could call it food furniture, but furniture is so … well … boring.  Let’s call it movable feasts shall we?  Care to cuddle on a strawberry shortcake?  Lay down on a stack of pancakes?  Pop a squat on an ice cream soda?  Then this is the place for you.  Really, I don’t know how popular huge food is in SL … scratch that … what am I saying? It has to popular. It’s food!

Spoonful of Sugar is owned by Juls Rosca.  I have blogged about this shop before, but thought I would update you on it’s location.

Blueberry Pancake costume designed by Juls Rosca (Photo by Brigit Ranger)

I LOVE this place.  About two years ago, I found myself stuck on what to wear to a Halloween party.  How could I be different?  Then it came to me, “How about I dress up like a piece of food?”  Mary Badham‘s character, Scout, dressed up like a ham in the film “To Kill a Mockingbird” right?  After a quick search I located Spoonful and found the perfect outfit.  Yes people, Brigit Ranger hosted the Moolto Halloween bash dressed as a stack of pancakes.  This blogger danced and then iHopped right on home.

- Brigit Ranger, Associated SL correspondent

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