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Another Survey from Mr. Mills: Your Thoughts Wanted on Miss Virtual World 2013!

Reign March 5, 2012 Competitions, Landing Point, Surveys, The Frolic Corner 93 Comments

Oh no he didn’t! Well yes he did… Here is another survey from BOSL & CO CEO Mr. Frolic Mills! This time, Mr. Mills has a very important question to ask BOSL readers about the upcoming MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013 auditions and competition. Your thoughts could change the whole ball game for MVW 2013, so let us know your opinions!

MVW 2012 ANNA SAPPHIRE by Skip Staheli, courtesy of Miss Virtual World Organization

This is what Mr. Mills wants to know now:

How would you feel if the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization accepted auditions for Miss Virtual World 2013 from past year’s finalists? None of the actual winners would be able to audition, but ANY OTHER of the candidates from any past year can try their luck for a second chance.

Of course, all models new or old would still go through the MVW training, before starting the competition, so there won’t be an advantage of knowledge for the old ones.

All past contestants would still need to audition just like any other model.

The result of this poll may or may not affect the final decision when MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013 auditions begin.

Before you answer, please consider these points:

1. Would this be fair to the up and coming models or is it irrelevant?

2. Would it be interesting to see how the new ones compare to the more experienced ones?

3. No second chances should be allowed just like in RL pageants.

4. This is a completely different universe and breaking this rule would be fun to watch.

5. If you are a past contestant – Are you willing to go through this nightmare again?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below …

Currently there are "93 comments" on this Article:

  1. Jee Crazyboi says:

    Coming in as an outsider who isnt a model, but love following the pageant both Mr and Miss, I have ot say i dont think its a good idea to let past contestants back into the mix. Regardless of whether they won or not- THAT year was your year… and you were a part of that selected group.
    Secondly, I feel that bring in past contestants would make the pageant boring. Seeing the same contestant fill the spots year after year. Same names- same personal style. Maybe their styling imporved- but its still the same person.
    But ironically enough, I also find it funny how many of the past contestants have suddenly dissappear… hmmm- I smell alts. so there really isnt a way to controll it when you dig down deep.

  2. Shae Sixpence says:

    For those of you who do not believe that former contestants would have an unfair advantage against first timers:

    None of you have mentioned one very key element of MVW that every single contestant has had to deal with. Top three, top five, top ten.. ALL of them.

    That key element is stress. LOTS of stress.

    If you’re a former contestant and you didn’t come within a hair’s length if losing your mind from the stress well, you were doing something wrong. OR: MVW may be like child birth. The only reason women would do it multiple times is because they’ve simply forgotten how bad it hurt the first time. (IE: You just don’t remember how much stress you were under.)

    Sure there is a basic theme to the styling portions, but there’s always a twist. Sure, there’s “press day” and “private interviews”.. we all know this, it’s no secret. Until you’re sitting there that day, checking your avatar over and over again… and then checking again trying to find something wrong (Like oh I dunno.. a face tattoo that’s pimples for instance!).. walking your avatar back and forth to check your latency whilst praying to the deities of the intrawebs for a super fabulous connection on Press Day.. walking in on day one repeating the mantra “No Whammies” over and over again in your brain because you just KNOW today is going to be fifty times worse than 105 ever fathomed being… you cannot know what it’s like. And that is a HUGE advantage.

    I’ve always been of the mindset that the truth is always better than sugar coating anything. When asked about my experience with MVW and people asking if it was stressful I have often wished that I could stare at them like I would a person in real life asking me if getting a tattoo would hurt. Duh! Yes! YES! It freaking hurts! Would I change doing it? Absolutely not. I learned a lot about the business, the people in it and myself along the way. It was a long.. LONG three months, that I wouldn’t give up because in the end I was able to represent some of the very best people I know in Second Life. Would I do it again?

    Pardon me whilst I climb to the mountain tops….


    *pausing for dramatic effect*

    … …….

    HELL NO!

    That was my time, our time and a different time. We’ve had that experience, one that shouldn’t be taken away from the next bright star.

  3. Frolic Mills says:

    All I know is that all of a sudden I ended up with a new pageant – sighs -

  4. Jax Aster says:

    First, I’d like to say that the original idea of letting past contestants complete in furture MVW competitions (minus winner) is a great idea. And I don’t believe it would give advantage one way or another because generally the challenges, questions, interviews are different, so past contestants would still not know and would still have to prepare just like anyone else.

    Second, later down in the conversation, there is talk of a TOP SL Model competition leaving out the winners of MVW. As the current MrVW, I in no way feel like I should be participating in this because I’m not the over the top, in your face kind of person that I think it would take to win this as far as “selling” goes. And refuse to ask anyone for items or to be in their store or vendors.

    That being said, I think it would be a real lost not to include past winers, because you are eliminating some of the “top” models in SL. How can you really claim being the TOP when you didn’t even compete against them because they weren’t allowed in? This would be a totally separate competition from MVW and I think it would be a great show/competition given that everyone had a chance to participate….different title, different compeition.

    • Frolic Mills says:

      Hi Jax,

      It is a different competition altogether because it places value on a new ability. But I am listening and perhaps you are right …

      Maybe I should just make it free for anyone to enter.

      • Jax Aster says:

        Honestly, I think it would be great to have a competition where you weren’t allowed to have anything made for you.

        MissVW is great and all, and I know that the models have input into the designs, but anyone can wear something that is made for them. Why not have a competition on the same magniture where everyone has to fend for themselves and incorporate items from all over the grid to create their looks.

        THAT is what makes it a competition and not just who you know!

        • Anonymous says:

          magnitude* even…opps

        • Jax Aster says:

          magnitude* even…opps

          • Frolic Mills says:

            yup – I agree with this! It should be the ability to sell and create interest on something that already exists. However I do have to disagree with the “who you know bit”. A great example of this is Mimmi Boa who got stood up by her designer and had to buy an off the rack dress a few minutes before the pageant and yet won.

            Jack, you won too, so no one knows better than you that it has nothing to do with who you know, or what designer makes you what… If you do it right, the judges sees it.

  5. Sometimes I think people compare SL modeling too much with RL modeling when it comes to competitions. When do we learn to have fun, when do we learn that the most important thing about competitions in SL is NOT winning the title?! (No offends to people who won several titles – I’ve won some myself as well but it was never my main importance.)

    Of course it puts you more steps ahead as a model if you’re wearing the title above your head, but if you are patient and determined, you will get as good as the “winner” or maybe you already are! I agree that being Mister or Miss Virtual World is a different story.. When you win this title you represent BOSL in any way possible and designers will be in line to get you booked for their shows or advertisements In-Store or in Magazines and such. And that raises your modeling career to a much higher level and you will get busy that you wish you could have a day off. But what about the other competitions? When you win a title or several ones, it looks good on your resume and it shows in some way that you are a good model also! But even when you don’t enter contests, just because you don’t like them, you can be a good model! There are so many ways leading to Rome and so many excellent models who never won something, it’s just the “full package” that counts in the end.

    The point I’m trying to make here is that a new competition, like the SL TOP MODEL COMPETITION Frolic is talking about, is another way to gain experiences and stay active as an (old) model. But above all; it’s another way to have fun together in SL! As a former MVW finalist I think it’s super fun to be in this competition with fellow former contestants of different years! OMG – It is a huge battle to fight among so many super-stylists! Can you imagine? :-)

    To Frolic; I say YES to this new styling competition and I can’t wait to submit my entry! Hopefully every former contestant of MVW will and let’s style our asses off. I feel so excited!

    • Jax Aster says:


      Believe it or not, MrVW is not the same as winning MissVW and that should be pretty evident to everyone. Designers don’t line up, things aren’t just given to you…the guys are on their own.

      While participating in MrVW last year, I approached many designers asking for help for country costumes and swim wear. No one I asked and was willing to pay for would help me except Vitamin Hax who was nice enough to recolor a swimsuit for me.

      Only after the competition, did I have designers come up to me and say “you should have been wearing my items.” This was really disappointing because I did ask that designer to help and all they could say was that they were soooooo busy and had no time, yet when MissVW rolls around they put out gown after gown after gown with no problem and no hesitation to help.

      I know that many of the male models in MrVW had help from various designers (Enzo Champagne always seems to be a supporter and for this, we are all thankful); however, it makes me more proud, in a way, to know that the guys are basically on their own and can still compete.

      MrVW has been an amazing experience and I would not go back and change it. I would even like to promote and support it more and see it grow in popularity. I would love to see a MrVW competition be put on such a stage with the same enthusiasm and support and willingness that goes into MissVW constantly.

      • Frolic Mills says:

        Two different competitions in 2 completely different leagues, and nothing any of us can do about it.

        Male fashion will always be smaller than female, but we survive :)

  6. emanuelle Courtois says:

    Just some points to mention

    In RL there is no such thing as a top model competition because while everyone acknowledges that Giselle may earn more then Kate Moss , they work in completely different fields and if you were to ask who has bigger influence commercially on selling clothes it would be Kate Moss.
    Therefore the idea of having an SLTop Model seems inconsequential.

    Secondly MVW is a beauty pageant and if you are looking for the best model a competition in the form ” Styling Forward ” which is open to models of the past and present already exists which determines a who is the best stylist , so by adding another competition to determine ” THE TOP MODEL ” just diminishes these 2 categories

    Lastly like the oscars who judge who is the best actor , the oscar is decided by the academy , the oscar winners are not told to act in competition with each other , their work is reviewed and the winner is voted for by the 5000 academy members , an award like this ” THE BOSL AWARD FOR THE BEST MODEL” which people like miaa rebanne have won already exists

    So I really don’t see the point for another award which will just be pointless because either it will diminish these 3 awards or people won’t really be bothered and just shrug at the winner of the new competition

    • FrolicM says:

      Hi Ema

      Like you said there are different ways to measure the ability of a model. Styling Forward, for example, places no importance on runway skills. MVW, on the other hand is a 3 months competition that requires a lot of stamina and the winner is chosen based on very different criteria. Sometimes it’s her personality and sometimes it’s just her avatar presence.

      SL TOP MODEL will concentrate on styling, runway delivery and the ability to create interest in the outfit she is wearing. This has never been the criteria in any other of my competitions nor THE BOSL AWARDS.

      I know at least 2 models who have not won MISS VIRTUAL WORLD nor a BOSL AWARD and yet can sell clothes like no one’s business on the runway.

      This is what the judges will be looking for and it is a new concept which will not diminish the value of the others.


  7. FrolicM says:

    Thank you all so much! I have reached a decision.

    MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013 will continue with the same rules as always.



    If you have ever participated but not won MISS or MR. VIRTUAL WORLD, you are eligible to enter this competition. Yep ex misses and ex misters can participate together in this exciting new opportunity.

    What are we looking for here?

    We are looking for a model who can SELL!

    We are looking for a model who can deliver a fierce and impeccable presentation with a styling that provokes all of us to run and buy!

    By fierce I do not mean to display particle effects. By fierce modeling, I mean to present the garment that you are wearing in the most interesting way so that you sell it to the audience.

    A sudden jerk may cost you in this compeition.

    Poses that do not flow one to the other is a high crime in this competition.

    Poses that distract from what you are wearing is a big no no.

    Anything other than a perfect runway that results in high interest for what you are wearing is a strike.

    Note: You may choose to adorn your presentation with something of interest, but ONLY if it helps sell the outfit.

    The winner of this competition will not hold the title of MISS/MR VIRTUAL WORLD. Those two pageants weigh in heavily on personality, styling, modeling, ability to express themselves and will always remain the toughest modeling competition in SL.

    In this new venture, we won’t be placing any importance other than in your ability to style, sell a garment and professionalism as a model.

    The tittle of SL TOP MODEL seems right to me because if anyone can really do this, they don’t really need any representation nor any other titles.

    Make money for all designers you work for and they will love you, and you will make it all the way to the top!

    A press release will be sent in due time.

  8. For Equality For All says:

    I think the All-Stars idea would be such a brilliant thing to do. Like all the favorites or the most memorable models from each year of Miss Virtual World Pageant would be given the chance to win that covenant title again. Same with Mister Virtual World.

    On a side note, I know this isn’t a choice as to what the question pertains too, but regarding of real life gender. Why can only woman enter Miss Virtual World and only real life males enter Mister Virtual World? Everyone should be given the chance to enter MVW. If someone without general knowledge of the english language can enter either Miss or Mister Virtual world, then why can’t a male in real life, who has a female avatar be eligible to compete. And likewise for Mister Virtual World with real life woman who have male avatars. We live in a society that allows us the chance to be who or what ever we want to be. Why put someone in a category as not allowed to enter a pageant based off of real life gender. I think that is sexism at its finest.

    And now dare someone say that just because you are a male, or just because you are a female, you cannot do something. Last time i checked, we are not in the 1950’s. I mean why not allow these changes? I dont see why someone who is a real life male not enter a virtual pageant? I mean if they can choose to have a female avatar and Linden Labs doesnt have a problem with it, why do you?

    If Miss Virtual World is suppose to such a prestigious titles, and have the abilities to transcend fashion, couldn’t a male do that. Vise Versa with Mister Virtual World. I think it would be the fair thing to do would be to allow any one to enter regardless of real life sex and/or language.

    But that is just my opinions on this particular topic.

    • Frolic Mills says:

      Dear Equality:

      in 2007 and 2008, I did not care about rl gender at all. I had the same point of view as you did, and I lived by the slogan: “This is your world and your imagination”. However, I had no clue, at that moment, that the winners would be interviewed for radio, tv, rl newspapers and charity CEO’s.

      I have received similar letters from nekos, furrys, vampires and other gamers. Now imagine this picture: How can a judge compare the beauty of different species in one pageant? Who is more beautiful a horse or a dalmatian? Well they are both beautiful, but not comparable.

      This is not sexism at all. There has to be rules in every pageant or it becomes absurd.

      One last question for you: Imagine you win MISS VIRTUAL WORLD, and the University of Copenhagen wants to interview you live in front of 1000 of their students to listen to your experience. (yes, this happened once), and there you sit as a beautiful female avatar and you start talking with a manly voice.

      How woud you feel?

      How would they feel?

      Every rule in MISS VIRTUAL WORLD is there for a reason, and they are based on experience not sexism.


      • Garrett Ceriano says:

        I totally agree with you on this, Frolic. My reason I think it’s a good rule is because you would have so many people on alts entering and that’s not fair. I do however think that people who identify as one or the other gender in both RL and SL should be eligible. I’m talking about real transgendered people, not people that made a pretty/handsome avatar because they were wanting to try something new…but someone who truly gets to be themselves vicariously via their avatars where they may not have that chance in RL.

      • For Equality For All says:

        So form that example, Im getting that if you have a feminine voice, then its okay to enter. What if a female has a more manly voice? Would they be eliminated based on that? Because the only problem you have is that there might be an interview done sometime possibly with a real life company? Also, they could say no they cannot do the interview with the class or something.

        I think using one example which when placed into rules denies a group of people in second life. And that is something that is not cool Mr. Mills.

        I mean I’m guessing that if someone who has a female avatar and is a male in real life wouldn’t have a problem with that, i mean as long as they are not hiding it. Im sure they would care.

        I understand how embarrassing it could be and your concern, but I just think you are cutting out a portion of the fashion world that have opposite avatar gender from their real life genders. And that is sad to do.

        If you really advocate for the best models and top styling, why are you so afraid to have a competition that could let those who have the talent shine, regardless of gender?

        And no, Styling Forward doesnt count because that is not a pageant.


        • Frolic Mills says:

          Hello Equality:

          You seem very interested in changing the rules of my pageant. This would be like me asking you to change your rules and start modeling as your rl gender. You have the freedom to play your game as you wish, and I should have the same right.

          If you become MISS VIRTUAL WORLD and then refuse to give out voice interviews, refuse to be a spokesman to any organization, etc then you won’t be able to fulfill the position of MISS VIRTUAL WORLD.

          I am not afraid of creating a new pageant that would allow this, but I think it’s pointless since there are countless of other pageants out there that place no importance in rl gender.

          Why don’t you try one of those?

          • For Equality For All says:

            I wanted to apologize for being really really childish with my posting Frolic. I just really waned the opportunity and chance to enter MVW as is. But after considering your reasoning, I totally understand why you have the rules you do.

  9. For Equality For All says:


  10. Calypso Oliphaunt says:

    No matter what, I know if given the opportunity, I would do this competition again. Participating in MVW 2012 was challenging but it was also one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I will never forget the people I met along the way and the opportunities I have recieved during and after the competition. Second life is an amazing world where our dreams that cannot come true in reality are fully realized. Why not give us another shot in the competition? It’s not just about being crowned the best model, it’s about living and re-living a truly rewarding and magnificent experience

  11. Garrett Ceriano says:

    I have thought about what I’d do if I could have a do-over so to speak as I quit the Mr. Virtual World contest last year half way through after being in the top. People would call me crazy for doing that…but you know what? I usually stop thinking about what I would do because I always arrive at the same decision in my thoughts of what i’d do. The titles aren’t really what gives you opportunities, nor is being in the contest itself, it’s the person you are that got you into the contest in the first place. I’d never do it again.

    • Vinny says:

      Claro que si, Mariano, seguro que seremos capaces de reverdecer el mudse!Ronpecto al mercado que comentas, sabes la fecha exacta? te animo a que lo ecribas en el foro, al igual que ya hemos informado de las próxima de Zaragoza de las que estamos al tanto.Un saludo eco-lógico!

  12. Chamonix Boudreaux says:

    Imho, I think smiliar to RL contests, (Project Runway, America’s Top Model, etc), there could be an ALL STARS show…with past contestants. As the past contestants have proven themselves and gone through all the challenges, they are now on a higher level playing field. As an audience member, I would love to attend an ALL STARS MVW, and think it would ROCK SL. And this would keep the Patch busy, as the ALL STARS could be on a different time cycle than the REG MVW. So we would a very full calander at BOSL. (as if we didnt already!)

    • CAffine says:

      Yeah i would love to see a mvw all stars that will be a fun thing to watch.So if fro do this i think all stars mvw is the way to go.

  13. skylei Caproni says:

    In the real world, past finalist are not allowed to compete again. To me Miss Virtual World is the Virtual version of Miss Universe. It was an honor to be among one the Top 30 out of 2000 entries plus. That is an accomplishment in itself that not everyone in their SL lifetime can achieve and nobody can ever take that away. All of the MVW finalist should be proud for what they did accomplished as not everyone will have that honor in our SL lifetime. Come on Misses…we were chosen out of 2000 entries! We worked hard for that and we accomplished so much for this honor. We Should Be Proud!!!
    Frolic told us during the pageant that we will always hold that title and it cannot be taken away.
    Why ruin the beauty and the excitement of the history of Miss Virtual World that we have all come to admire by changing the original rules. Then it would no longer be like the Virtual version of Miss Universe, the excitement will be lost. . Let MVW Finalist honor remain a “Once in a SL Lifetime”. It makes it much more special.

    • BigJohn Troglodite says:

      In the real world you have to be between 17 and 24 to compete, be unmarried, couldn’t have been pregnant or divorced until 1999, and never have posed nude. Anyone meet those requirements?

  14. I have been in Miss Virtual World in 2010 myself and it was an experience of a lifetime. I totally agree with Carilynn about giving the same opportunity to models who haven’t experienced MVW yet…


    It’s easy to say that older models are automatically established models. I don’t think that’s true. Yes, we don’t have to “chase” as much as we had in the beginning.. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to work as hard. We still have to work hard to keep up the reputation and to make sure you won’t be “forgotten”. Also SL is changing year by year, if it’s not every 3 months! So also the older models have to work on runway techniques and keep themselves updated about what’s going on. Yes, we could only do runway shows and print work… But isn’t SL supposed to be a place where we could have fun? For me personally, entering contests like MVW (well, there is not other one like MVW lol) brings out the best of me.

    “Past finalist have had their glory…it’s time for the new finalist of tomorrow.”
    So Adriana Lima or Heidi Klum have had their glory, so they should retire to make room for new models? I know we’re talking about a beauty pageant and not about “regular” modeling jobs, but still I have the same feeling about this comment. Of course new models should experience the same glory, I totally agree.. But you know, the ones who has the talent and having great potential will get trough the audition and can beat the “old” models. So yes, I think it’s completely fair to the up and coming models. The only important aspect if Frolic decides to open MVW to older candidates, is that the Judges should treat the former finalists like if they never were a finalist before.

    Last year MVW had 30 candidates (if I’m not wrong), so why not choose 20-30 NEW candidates and about 5-10 OLD candidates every year. This way you keep it fair to everyone in my opinion.

    To answer question 5:
    Some of you might know that the most beautiful part about modeling for me is being able to style and to show the work and art of Fashion Designers to the SL community. So YES, I would definitely would try for a second chance on MVW. I only would do things differently, I would quit my other modeling jobs temporarily to commit to the schedule of this pageant for a full 100%. Knowing that most likely I won’t be able to get in for a 2nd chance, I still would style myself up and try again!

    • please, do not let Melanie be in MVW again…no one else will have a chance!
      *laughs and hugs Mel:)

      • Shae Sixpence says:

        LMAO@Rhonda… My first thought when I read Mel had responded that she would do it again was … “awh hell.. No one else would have a chance then!” Then I thought about it.. Look at the avatars that could possibly go back? I think Id throw up if I ended up having to walk against not to mention style against the likes of Sora or Mel or.. Or.. OR! Goodness.. Imagine how a new Miss would feel. Id quit.. Just like that. See ya! Bye! Hahaha

      • Awee, my dearest Rho & Shae…. Don’t be silly!!! I haven’t been with you guys in my MVW experience, so I would LOVE to get another change with you both LOL. You are both excellent stylists as well and like I mentioned earlier in my previous comment; being a good stylist is something that’s in your nature and it’s the talent you have since you were born. It’s just a matter of how you actually use that kind of talent and if you use it wisely. And that also counts for new and upcoming models. We would all have a fair chance :-) Kisses girls!

  15. Mariella Spitteler says:

    sorry per advence for my bad english. My opinion is: i would love to have an other chance to give my best and try to go back at home with this tittle. after the competition i was feel empty and without goal. Fortunately you and BB give me the chance to give the french classes at MVW academy. Because i was completely lost.

    I think a lot of have the same feeling and would love to make it again and some will not.

    For me that can be fun and a personal challenge. I hope that can help :-)

  16. Anyone should be able to enter except the winner of the MVW title.

  17. Hezabel Blackheart says:

    I received this notice from Frolito last night and I usually like to jump in and make a comment, but this one made me think.. I thought of myself, my model friends, my teachers.. and tried to comprehend why and what do we want and seek when we strive to reach new heights in our modeling careers. Miss Virtual World is definitely an honor to achieve, but to me it is also a responsibility and a project of love and hard work. Its the means to make a difference, to make an impact and most importantly to share the shine of that little diamond in your heart that you have been polishing for long time with tears and laughter.

    With that said, (in my humble opinion) if you entered the contest and became a finalist but didn’t win, walk away, your opportunity came and went, and other doors would open, even becoming a finalist is an honor on itself. If you entered new and green, still smelling of Kay’s kindness and Wicca’s undying optimism, but you never made it past the photo you initially send in. Come back again and show us how much more you have grown and learned.

    Frolic is not only a cuttie and an amazing instructor and a bucket of knowledge. Trust me, he is an extremely intelligent and competent man. When I see his brain’s wheels turning I tend to take an extra minute or two to revisit my thoughts.

    *Besos Guapo*

    PS: (when he dresses as a monkey with a fruit basket on his head.. all bets are off) .. lololol!

  18. Australia says:

    I wouldn’t like to be compared with a model who is already gone thru all of it she would necessarely advantage.. If the competition is made for the new upcoming models… Why change that? Now all the big experienced models ar teachers, supermodel, they already have great jobs and connections… That’s my opinion I wouldn’t change this rule :)

  19. Just A Thought says:

    Why not include all? All of the Misses (prior contestants) are wonderful ladies, helpful, and resourceful. Advantage? No. They have gone through it yes. Will it be the same? Answer that one yourself, If you have ever taken any MVW class, you know Frolic is challenging and changes his bar many times. It is up to you as a model to face that challenge and either come out on top or learn from it. As stated in an earlier post, things happen RL that impact lives. MVW for the ladies ends up during quite a busy time of the year to begin with.
    As for me, I am all for it. Set the bar high. Let those who make it (be it a new model, old model, finalist, non finalist) take a try at it. Realize, MVW is not something you step into lightly. It is a challenge of a lifetime. Those who did not win, apparently made choices during the contest that ultimately decided their final placing. Are we a society that dooms due to mistakes, or do we not emphasize to learn from mistakes, grow and become the best we can be? I for one say, let them try. Who knows, just because they were a finalist one year does not mean in any amount that they are guaranteed a spot in the current years contest. It is all in the judges hands. Let them live, and learn from the challenges of MVW if they are willing to try it again.
    Sounds like there would not be many who want to, but for those who would, why not? I think it says a lot about their character. Seems to add a fun twist in my opinion.

  20. Caffine says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with new models going against some experineced models. I mean you are taking classes at a angency.The angency is suppose to be gettting you prepaired to go up against some well known models and you have to work hard to get a spot. To the ones thatI didn’t make it last time go for it,if you didn’t make it as one of the top 10 (well i feel top10)then go for it .Never know how things might turn out.i say don’t be afraid to go up against the best,(new models) you just might end up becoming the best.

  21. Kyrinnia Desmoulins says:

    Many girls, including myself, would love a chance to be eligible to participate in MVW again. It was a deeply rewarding affair and I loved every minute of it.. I think having previous participants be eligible to enter would push the excitement to a whole new level. Just because a previous girl enters is no free pass to the big show but up and comings who enter would try to shine even harder to make themselves known to the judges.

  22. Xandrah Sciavo says:

    Even had I not read the comments before posting, my thoughts echoed Rusalka’s words as well as most of the others who have posted. I think the experience would lose something if previous contestants were allowed in with the newer ones. In some ways, MVW is a debut of a whole batch of mostly fresh faces, and it’s nice to see that newness. In so many competitions throughout the grid, we see the same people participating. One of the trademark characteristics about the MVW competition is that we know it is going to be a bunch of new faces, and that is one thing that keeps it interesting. I also think it makes for a more level playing field, so to speak, with a batch of contestants that have never before had the experience. Allowing previous contestants in provides them with an edge over the others which I am not sure is very fair.

    Would I do it again? Only if I had a death wish! My partner would KILL me if I subjected her to another stressed out MVW season! I’ll be happy to sit back and watch the competition this year as a spectator… and to keep my marriage in tact! LOL

  23. Ai Hienrichs says:

    MVW is the ultimate recognition and title to a beauty paegent or model in SL but there is going to be only one Miss MVW every year. It doesn’t mean the rest of the paegents that competed are not beautiful and great, and I am sure most of them know that. As a new model I look up and learn from my mentors and many great seniors. It is one of my goals to work alongside some really inspiring and experienced models and I know sometimes we competed in castings but do I want to compete with people that have spent time nurturing and transferring knowledge to me in a beauty paegant? I really don’t like that idea because either way I feel I can never win.

  24. Anigma says:

    Coming from the perspective of a hopeful, I have always seen this competition as a chance for new and upcoming models to shine. I have to admit the idea of competing against a former contestant puts a serious pit in my stomach, especially since new models are always competing for castings and competitions against former MVW contestants anyway. Why take away one of the few competitions that gives the ones who are looking for their big break a chance to get that little extra exposure? To me, MVW is a launching pad so why would former contestants need it? As I can see, most of them have benefited greatly just from being a contestant even after the pageant is done. Please leave it as it is to keep encouraging new models to aim high.

  25. Carilynn OHare says:

    Frolic, I have already personally expressed to you how I feel on this subject, but I do want to say it here.

    What makes Miss Virtual World such a special competition is how very difficult it is – to get into and to compete in. A major RL pageant does not afford contestants the opportunity to come back on a national or international level once they have achieved that level or status. Although in a virtual realm we have the freedom to break the rules and do things we never can in RL, I feel for this competition it would be wrong to allow past finalists to compete again.

    The moment I read my name on a note card with 5 other contestants the day I was chosen to compete was magic. I did not make it to the Top 12. After a few days of reflection after the competition, I realized how the hundreds of hours I had spent in creating the ideas for my national costume and evening gown, the research I had done on my country, the endless styling, and trying to prepare for a live interview with the judges, etc, etc. – all of it culminated in helping to mold me into a much better SL model and stylist. You cannot go through a competition like Miss Virtual World and not come out better on the other end. If you put in the time, you are transformed. It is that simple. And I do believe that those of us who have competed, should we compete again, would have an unfair advantage against models who have not been through the experience.

    Would I like to be Miss Virtual World? Of course. Every single one of us who has auditioned and/or competed for the title want it. Would I go out for it again? No. I had my time and it was glorious. I cannot and will not take that chance away from someone else (assuming I would even be chosen again!). This competition is for those who have not had the chance yet to compete for it. New models and established models who perhaps have tried several times and have not made it yet. It is not for those of us who have already experienced the most amazing competition on the grid.

    This past year I was fortunate in being able to experience this competition from the other side as a judge and a host. I always tell those who get in and those who audition and do not get in that the victory truly does come in being selected to compete. Only one girl gets the crown, but every single contestant is a winner even if maybe they don’t see it that way at the time. When 2,000 women compete for 30 spots, there is no way you cannot be considered a winner if you are one of those 30.

    I hope you will maintain Miss Virtual World the way you have, although you know I will support you no matter what your ultimate decision is.

    • Hezabel Blackheart says:

      Kudos to Carilynn OHare. Thank you for that amazing insight into the contest. I agree completely. Couldn’t have say it better!

    • Kat Comet says:

      I too completely agree with Carolyn. Past MVW contestants worked long, hard hours to compete with their fellow models for their year. I had my chance, I was very happy to have made it into the final 30. To try again would truly take away from those who have not had the experience.

      Good luck to all those who will be auditioning for 2013! It’s an experience you will never forget!

      • hm hm complete agree with Carilynn. I was in MVW 2010 and luckily in top 12. the most toughest was the time and interview for ME. anyway, from my experience.. this competition gave me friendship and how to handle my time in SL and RL. also.. it was very much fun competition.
        Shae!! welcome back /

        • Isis Sabahi says:

          Well said Carilynn, I see the grace and poise when she speaks eloquently as she does here. I guess MVW builds character and a quality only MVW can!! I love to watch :)

  26. Draakje Dailey says:

    Being in the Class of MVW 2012 as well, I agree with the majority here when they say no to allowing former finalists back into the auditions.

    Rules will probably be subject to change but fact is, former candidates know the drill and the cracking of the whip. That will always be an advantage they will have over less experienced models.
    Making finals in a previous year has shown to the whole of SL that you in fact have skills and are Miss material, and most Misses have progressed into jobs / positions where they can actually be rolemodels for aspiring models, say teachers, faces of fashionhouses, supermodels, agency owners and some even into designing themselves.

    We had our 15 minutes (well, in MVW finals a tad more then 15 minutes) to shine. Now its time for the next generation.

    PS I do not agree with the opinion that new models are always more interesting then old ones. I have seen some ‘oldies’ reinvent themselves over and over giving new models a run for their Lindens.

    • Avan Lane says:

      I would certainly expect the older Models to be able to reinvent themselves over and over, and give the newer less experienced models a run for their lindens, but that is my point, I expect a previous pageant finalist would have a number of unfair advantages over any of the new contestants, I wouldn’t find it “Interesting” to watch that sort of a pageant, although I imagine I would find you and any other previous years finalist very interesting in person.

      • Anonymous says:

        wouldn’t ever contestant have those same unfair advantages then? What about the top 12?

      • Draakje Dailey says:

        Me not agreeing with your statement wasnt in the context of the MVW pageant but as a whole.
        As for the advantage, I already said I do believe that any finalist, top 12, top 5, but overall all of them, will have the advantage of experience. Simple as that.
        Use that experience to pay it forward, its equally as rewarding. :)

  27. Avan Lane says:

    Before I begin, I must say the entire nature of this survey appears to subtly direct the respondents to allow past finalist to enter the contest again, I wonder if I am the only one who can see this,

    1. Would this be fair to the up and coming models or is it irrelevant?
    No, it would not be fair.
    2. Would it be interesting to see how the new ones compare to the more experienced ones?
    No, new models are always more interesting than the older ones.
    3. No second chances should be allowed just like in RL pageants.
    Agreed, there are reasons RL pagents have this and other policies.
    4. This is a completely different universe and breaking this rule would be fun to watch.
    Not really, but I assume you have loads of paid MVW grads who are whining about spending loads of lindens and wanting another chance to win, if you do this…all of your credibility will go out the window, and God help you when one of the past finalist wins…the uproar from the contestants will be louder then any whining you may hear now….jus saying.
    5. If you are a past contestant – Are you willing to go through this nightmare again?
    of course they will…they live for it.
    Why don’t you create another contest, something new…like SL’s Fresh New Face, or Mrs. Virtual World…don’t taint the reputation of MVW, this survey already makes me feel slimy,…….. this response is from a long time SL resident and fashion lover who will never be voted Miss anything and is becoming more disappointed everyday as SL Fashion becomes a cult of personalities.
    This survey makes me sad.
    Avan Lane

    • FrolicM says:

      Don’t be sad Avan. This survey actually has a purpose and a reason. You see, I’ve had so many requests from past contestants and I have always been against it, but I will listen to all of you, and make a decission as soon as we have enough opinions to weigh them in.

    • Anonymous says:

      What if a “fresh new face” makes it into the finals but doesn’t win due to lack of experience?

      • BigJohn Troglodite says:

        ^ that was me not a troll and it was aimed at another comment but imo if you don’t think you can beat the best then you shouldn’t be crowned the best.

        • FrolicM says:

          That doesn’t happen Anon. By the time they get to final evening, all of them have plenty of experience. As an example of this would be Miaa Rebane, a new model with only 6 months on the grid when she entered, and nonetheless ended up winning the title.

          • Occasus Jayaram says:

            Miaa Rebane is fabulous! :-D

            • Aileen says:

              Had I realized you were a Mormon, I would never have mentioned Margaret Barker without a mountain of distinguos. No, she does not support Mormon theology in the least; the concept of Yahweh she brings out is not the tritheistic and anrrotpomohphic oddity of Mormon belief, and I would like to be shown where the Mormons had ever made an identification between Yahweh and the Second Person. But I don’t want to be involved any further.

            • To fullofhimself,If you are looking for Rhee lovers this is not the place. May I suggest you sign up at Students Last and then the Rheeject will finally have one grassroots supporter. Best of luck and good riddance.

            • Ya no queria el curso de CCC y me dicen que no se puede anular, es legal? Creo que se deberia poder anular, no es un credito sino quotas hasta conseguir el titulo. Cuando rechazaron darme de baja he dejado de pagar y desde entonces no paran de llamarme diciendome que no se puede parar el curso, pero serán idiotas?Me obligan a hacer el curso o que?Quieren denunciarme pero creo que no tienen Razon. Ayudadme por favor!

  28. Xanadu Damiano says:

    I want to say no , no do not do new start!
    because I began my career as a model it would be harder to find myself face to a real pro who already lived this experience …
    but then this is really a challenge? and why would I not also my place?
    if I give my best even if e I do what I love to do!
    So I say “yes!”
    because it is the dream of all models so why not give a second chance,
    yes I want to enter this year and yes models with more experience than me …
    why not! after all I too would like to have a second chance if I were in their place!

    Xana ( Sorry for me english ^^ )

  29. What an interesting idea!

    I will be honest – I was an MVW 2011 finalist, but for various reasons dropped out about halfway through the competition, and never made it to the grand finale. I was sad about missing that big day for a while, but life (real or virtual) does go on.

    Although personally I would be thrilled to try again, I believe in fairness and equal rules for everyone, and so I agree with Rusalka in every point she makes.

    MVW is a competition within SL like no other, and just making it into the finale at all is an honour unto itself. It truly is special, among other reasons, *because* you only get one shot at it. It should stay this way…allowing anyone to have a second chance just would take something away from that…

    As it stands, anyone who did not make the selection of the official candidates for Miss Virtual World *can* try again the following year, and this is perfect the way it is:)

    Love and big hugs,
    Rhonda <3

  30. Shae Sixpence says:

    I don’t think you should fix something that isn’t broken. It is the way it is. If you were lucky and skilled enough to make it into MVW over all the other thousands of avatars you should consider yourself a notch above the rest. It isn’t easy to get into and it isn’t easy to stay in despite what people may think. Ladies shouldn’t be so stingy, they should be happy with what they’ve accomplished.

  31. skylei Caproni says:

    As a MVW Finalist for 2012, I totally agree with Rusalka on this issue. This was my 3rd try and around to making finalist as I had been a prefinalist for 2010 and 2011, I finally hit it at 2012 on the first audition. MVW is the Cream of the Crop of competitions on SL and just making it as a finalist is a reward in itself. Each year, new faces enter our Second Life and deserve to experience something so grand. Had I gone into this competition knowing that ex finalist were able to participate, I would not have even bothered.
    This is the “Big One” and it’s time for the new year of MVW to bring in fresh faces, new finalist that have worked hard to be in the “New Class of 2013 of MVW” as Rusalka so stated.
    Past finalist have had their glory…it’s time for the new finalist of tomorrow.

  32. Irina Easterling says:

    I think answer #4 can fit my thoughs, could be fun see what happen!

  33. BigJohn Troglodite says:

    I’ve always been a big supporter of letting people go again. Being an up and coming myself, I always love going against “the best” in castings, contests, because I learn from every one of them. Now, this is the most coveted title for women in the SL fashion world. The finalists could have been up and coming themselves and greatly improved. In SL everyone is young forever. If you look at the sports world vs the fashion contest world, they would never tell a team “you won the superbowl last year so you can’t play this year.” The audience wants to see the best of the best.

    I personally will be attending this for only the 2nd time. I learn from just watching the contestants, what they wear, their styling, their posing. Any horse racing fan knows of the infamous seattle slew vs affirmed where seattle slew won the triple crown and affirmed took 2nd. But they have an age limit. Anna is a sparkling diamond, but the finalists were all fabulous, so what happens when someone who could have won any other year doesn’t because someone else just shines?

    Another consideration: What if you offered all the finalists who never won an invitation to a contest? Call it SL Diamond in the Rough or something. THAT I would DEFINATELY go to, nothing over the top but give the opportunity.to the finalists. A lot of models join before they are ready to win, I’m sure you see that and I know from videos ect I have seen that. This would spotlight the ones that almost made it and be a damn good show.

  34. Rusalka Callisto says:

    I am sure I probably have bias as I was in the top five of MVW 2012, but I would prefer not to see repeat contestants. First, because I feel this is one of the few, huge competitions in SL that actually give a slight advantage to new and up and coming stylists. Second, because I think that previous contestants WOULD have something of an unfair advantage because they have the experience of learning from the styling challenges of previous years. Third, because if I had been up against previous contestants, I would have resented it (sorry, but I would have, lol). Fourth, because I want to see the NEW faces out there getting their props and recognition. MVW launches the careers of so many newer and younger models, it is such a great bonding experience for each group that they are all new and fresh in the competition. I am the class of MVW 2012 and I am proud of that. I don’t want to be the class of MVW 2012 and 2012 and 2014 and… you get the point. Lastly, I might think anyone who felt they had to “repeat” the experience was doing so because they felt they were cheated the first time around and this time they better win or get in the top five or whatever because they deserve it damnit! LOL. Just saying. :-)

    • Rusalka Callisto says:

      Oh, on a side note though, I think if a finalist had to drop out of a previous year’s competition due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances… well, that might be worth considering letting them tryout again. I can think of a couple of amazing ladies who didn’t get to do more than a few things in the competition (or in one case, nothing at all) because of RL sudden crisis. That always seemed kind of sad to me. But if you did all the challenges and were at the finals, I say…. nope.

      • BigJohn says:

        Would you want to compete in a secondary contest given the opportunity against other finalists? Since you were the first to answer :P That would put you up against so many top models, and I personally would love it.

        • Bigjohn,

          what a lovely idea:) Perhaps Frolic will consider something like this…I for one would be thrilled to be with the ladies of the MVW class of 2011 once more:D

        • Ooooo, a Miss Virtual World All-Stars? Now that kind of has a ring to it……………..

          • Draakje Dailey says:

            I like that idea!

            • Frolic Mills says:

              hmm … Anoher pageant yet? Do you want to kill me?

              • BigJohn Troglodite says:

                Put me in charge, I’ll do the heavy lifting :P. Don’t think it’d take much, a one day event, 3 parts, it would self promote, and could do it as a fundraiser even. I just thought it would be a good compromise :)

          • Shae Sixpence says:

            MVW All Stars.. lol! It’s funny, but there isn’t enough linden to make me do it all over. It was fun.. ONCE. Now I am older.. and wiser.. and I shall sit back and laugh quietly from a distance as the newer generations come forth and begin their hair pulling journeys all the while giving a supportive “fist pump” in their direction, my personal way of saying.. “Rock on sister.. been there..” LOLOL!

            • Gamp Lane says:

              Those contestants who made it to the Top 20 are still considered “winners” and as such, they are treated with the respect they rightfully deserve in the fashion community of SL. There are a bazillion women who would love a chance to make it even that far (new and experienced alike) and I feel they shoould have the opportunity. Having former Top 20 might be intimidating to some and keep them from applying.

              It might be fun to have a “Walk off” – experienced models VS models just getting started…good reality check for both groups

            • FrolicM says:

              Shae nice to see you back! – You would so do it again! I know!!

              • Shae Sixpence says:

                You dont know me all that well my friend.. There is no way Id do it again. Ive been there, done that, paid for the t-shirt and gave it away! lol! Like I said it was fun, once. But, it was also the most stressful and nerve racking time Ive ever had in SL. I am thankful for the oportunity and for all that MVW did for me but I have zero desire to do it again.

                • Kat Comet says:

                  I was in the same year as Shae…and I cannot agree with someone more than what she has expressed here. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVED representing the USA and the experience, but once was enough! :)

                  • Mahalia says:

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    • Hezabel Blackheart says:

      A pageant for past “super stars” will be like adding a higher tier above MVW. What I mean is: if there is a “super pageant” then winning MVW loses its shine a bit, no?

      So is the winner of MVW the best, or does she needs to win MVW All-Stars?

    • Lily says:

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