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A Visit to the Mix + Mesh Spring Fashion Fair 2012

Nave Madison Fall March 5, 2012 Event Reviews, Fairs & Expos 6 Comments

Our Chief Troublemaker Nave Fall, and Associated SL Press correspondent Quella Quan, talk about their visit to the Mix + Mesh Spring Fashion Fair 2012 presented by AVENUE. The event runs from February 25th to March 11th and is proclaimed by AVENUE as “a showcase of some of the finest and newest mesh fashion designs … with two weeks of fashion shows, a styling contest and parties.” Nave and Quella decided to pop over and take a look at the fair offerings and here’s what they had to say.

One fine morning this past week, I got an IM from Associated SL Press correspondent Ella (quella.quan) asking if I’d been to the Mesh & Mix show that AVENUE has going on now. I’d seen their notices, but frankly hadn’t really paid any attention to them. I did plan to check it out eventually. I’m being very conservative in my personal approach to ALL THINGS MESH. I don’t care to cede all control of my shape to the whims of a designer, I like being able to adjust things and, perhaps, even remove/replace them. Consider the following a requiem on the current state of mesh clothing in SL. We’ll leave out the names of some designers mentioned below because we can. Deal with it.

Ella was quite insistent that I come see the show saying that it wasn’t really what people thought it was. My radar perked up and I agreed to her offer of a TP.  When I arrived my first impression was that the event was smaller then I’d expected … 17 designers total. Some names I recognized: Violator, Hoorenbeek, Ladies Who LunchMy Precious, but many I’d never heard of.  I wandered around a bit getting a feel for things. I realized almost immediately that there were many NON-MESH items being sold. Curious… (Editor’s note: Turns out designers were asked to provide six mesh items — or so we’ve been told, the rest of their vendors could sell non-mesh. Unfortunately not all the vendors were labelled very well regarding what items were and were not mesh.)

I roamed some more and wound up back where Ella was tapping her foot. Ella, who I know is curvy, was wearing something frikkin’ HUGE. She asked me what I thought of it. I had that moment all men feel whenthe question, “Does my ass look big in these jeans?” gets asked. I stammered, and cautiously said she looked okay and got assaulted by a barrage of invective from her. She, obviously, wasn’t happy with her outfit at all. She proceeded to explain that it  included only one size “HUMONGOUS,” and she was not a happy camper. I’ll let Ella take over at this point and fill you in with a woman’s point of view.

Here’sssssssssssssssssssssss Ella.

First of all, let me say that I love events and fairs. This one especially excited me. Mesh is still new and new and shiny things always get my attention. So I stared at my lindens and waved them goodbye as I TP’ed into the area. Being the shopaholic I am, I went through all the 17 stands and grabbed quite a few outfits.There were some amazing stuff and quite a few really good brands, but some of my purchases ended up being a bit dissapointing.

(Editor’s note: I thought the location was rather interesting just as a build. Very shiny and futuristic, an echo of the whole mesh vibe. Although the fair was quite a bit smaller than any of us expected, it was a cute little place with a nice runway.)

After purchasing a few outfits and trying them on, I decided to contact Nave, to get a man’s opinion. It was very early in the morning and not many of my friends were around so he got elected. You can see his reaction to one of my purchases above, LOL.

I was very pleased with most of the things I bought and will be wearing them very often. There were just a couple of things that disappointed me a little. I wish this was a completely mesh fair, because we are all very excited about mesh items, but there were also non mesh outfits, that I thought would be mesh but weren’t. The event was labelled a Mix + Mesh fair, which one designer I spoke with said kind of implied  that it wasn’t an entirely mesh affair just from the title alone.

Still, at a mesh-themed event, I kind of wanted to see more of the new mesh content, not so much of the regular clothing designs mixed in. Plus, I thought the labeling on some of the items did not differentiate well enough about what was and was not mesh.

For example, I purchased a red body suit that I thought was going to be mesh, but it turned out to be a non-mesh item. I feel the labelling, at the time I purchased it, was not very clear about the bodysuit not being mesh. I did ask the designer for a refund based on this — playing the part of a “I’m so upset about this customer” just to see if she agreed the labelling was a problem and would provide a refund. When she responded about 8 hours later, she did not feel the labelling on the item was a issue and did not wish to refund the purchase.

Although many items at the fair were fabulous, there were a few other purchases I made that weren’t exactly what I might have wished. I bought two dresses from one designer that were both mesh, but had only one size option. (A lot of designers doing mesh provide three sizes for different avatar shapes.) Although the texturing was to-die-for, the single size was way too big for my shape. I’d love for more mesh designers to include a variety of sizes, because I’d love to wear the dresses I bought without having a J.Lo butt and looking like “I eat bacon 5 times a day.” I even have a curvy shape, I can’t even think how models would look in these.

Don’t get me wrong I have absolutely no problem with really curvy shapes with really voluptuous butts and bosoms, some of them indeed look fabulous. I just prefer the slimmer look and would like my mesh purchases to be worn with my normal shape.

I encourage you to go take a look, support your hard-working favorite designers, and have a feel for it on your own. Don’t forget to check out some of the live events as well, here’s a schedule of what’s coming up:

  • Mar 07 – 1pm HOORENBEEK
  • Mar 07 – 4pm MOLICHINO
  • Mar 08 – 1pm AD CREATIONS
  • Mar 08 – 2pm SOLIDEA FOLIES
  • Mar 09 – 1pm LOPO
  • Mar 09 – 2pm VIOLATOR
  • Mar 09 – 5pm AMARELO MANGA
  • Mar 11 – 12pm CLOSING PARTY

And now we return to Nave …

So there you have it … Many designers have jumped on the mesh bandwagon like crazy, but there isn’t a standard yet that they need to conform to, so in most cases, you’re shooting craps on whether the outfit will fit unless they have a demo available for you to try out. Some of the designers Ella mentioned above didn’t bother with that, hence her disappointments. I’m sure she isn’t alone either. Several designers including Entente are involved in establishing some standards for sizing (at least for men) to alleviate the confusion and uproar. As for me I’ll stick to designers that are consumer friendly with their customer servicing at this point.

Here you’ve read my first Troublemaker post. Thank you for taking the time to do that. I’d also like to thank my collaborator/coauthor of this post Ella, who came through big time. Thank you for putting up with all the revisions.

Stay tuned we have other things in process here.

I’m just, Nave Fall Troublemaker in charge

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  1. Xandrah Sciavo says:

    In the very beginning, mesh scared me a little bit. Mostly, I feared that my crashing problems would return due to an inability for my graphics card or system to handle the new demands mesh might place. Happily, I found that was not the case. I was also a little apprehensive about the inability to modify mesh products. However, I have totally fallen in love with mesh, and now I am a believer! Just like with any other product, there will be a variance in the quality of mesh items, but the well-made mesh items I’ve acquired recently are among my favorites. Prim penetration makes me twitch, so I love that mesh moves with you and that problem is minimized. I especially love mesh hair! Designers who offer the multiple sizing options are great. I would like to see modify options in the future if that would even be possible (I don’t know enough about mesh creation to know if this can happen) but overall, I’m pretty happy with the introduction of mesh to our little spot in the world.

  2. Jena Adder says:

    I’ve been on the mesh kick for a couple of months, looking for the best ones and mixing them with the normal clothing layers and prims. Things are improving in terms of the sizes offered, but it’s a shame when designers don’t offer demos (I tend to stay away from those). I’m anxious for the day when mesh will be flexi — not crazy about the fondant-looking dresses. I’m loving the jumpsuits from HUCCI and the cute separates from coldLogic, Celoe, Maitreya and Mon Tissu. I agree that there’s much more to do, but I think we’re off to a great start. I did notice at the Mix & Mesh shows (and maybe it’s just me) that the Mesh textures loaded faster than the normal clothing layers.

  3. Rusalka Callisto says:

    I think there are some designers doing extremely gorgeous things with mesh, but for the most part I’m still keeping my purchases to things I can demo because I’ve ended up with some items that were totally glitched or just had only the one, HUGE, size. I keep an open mind – but designers, please put out demos! And have multiple sizes! And LABEL items properly and according to where they are featured. :-)

  4. Ciss says:

    Good post… agrees with my limited experiences which will continue to be limited until that ‘deformer’ is finished which apparently is on the go and which will enable mesh clothing to fit your av rather than the other way around. I’m convinced mesh has a fantastic future in SL, but the hype is yet to be deserved. It’s still mainly a potential fashion wise.

    • Quella Quan says:

      I completely agree. At this stage, if the designer is able to offer a single size mesh items, demo’s would be the answer to all of our problems..
      Or at least a warning sign that says; Hey, this comes in one size. Click on the sign for shape specifics.

      • Frolic Mills says:

        I love how Hoorenbeek and Gizza do it. They offer 3 different sizes with an alpha layer so that nothing shows through.

        This reminds me 3 years back when the sculpty first came around. O-M-G it was so bad, you newer guys have no idea! But it got better, so I am hopeful with the mesh.

        The question is when.

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