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What’s Your Perfect Day? Contest

persia March 4, 2012 Competitions, Event & Contest Annoucements 26 Comments

Ok… it’s confession time here at BOSL headquarters. Blame it on being busy during the launch of this very website, call it a breakdown of communication between London and Venezuela, think of it as plain forgetfulness if you like — but both Frolic Mills and I totally forgot the fact we had a load of designer gifts waiting for one lucky BOSLer just ready to be won.

Maybe I got distracted by all the new fashion releases in world, and perhaps Frolic has had one too many glasses of whisky, but during a recent Skype conversation we both suddenly remembered that we had a sack full of goodies to give away.

After some mutual chastising, and excuses like “No one reminded me” (Frolic, while crying) and “My dog ate that memo” (me, while chain-smoking) we realised its better late than never and that we can give these gifts away from our new website!

So, a bit like a naughty Santa Claus who suddenly decides to start dropping gifts in March and not December-we will be running a fun, fast and easy ‘contest’ to decide which BOSL member walks away with the lovely loot.

We have gifts kindly donated by designers Giz Seorn, Sofia Vectoscope, GeorgiaStar Chau, Kimber Carter, Delinda Abbot, Leesa Donner, Infiniti Mirihi and Parisian Skytower, and you can win them ALL! How? Read on!

1. Use this website for all entries. (Post your entry in the comments section below.)
2. Please describe the following: “My perfect day in Second Life would be….”
3. Your description should be no more than 250 words
4. Be imaginative! We would like to see humour, fun and all your wildest fantasies revealed.
5. But keep it PG please!
6. Upload your description by midnight SLT on the 10th March
7. Use your full and correct avatar name so we know who to give prizes to.
8. Judges decision will be final (serious face)
9. BOSL staff are not allowed to enter either as main account or alt.
10. Have fun!


 Frolic Mills & Persia Bravin

Currently there are "26 comments" on this Article:

  1. Persia Bravin says:

    Just want to thank every single person who entered this contest. It’s been a lot of fun and Frolic and I have enjoyed finding out more about your perfect day in SL.

    It was genuinely hard to choose one, but the winner stole our hearts a bit because they mention that their perfect day includes seeing friends no longer on SL-and I think that’s something everyone understands.

    So….*drum roll*

    The winner is…………………………………………………………………

    Hellishly Gothly

    Congratulations Hellishly from everyone at BOSL. We hope you enjoy all your gifts!

    • Frolic Mills says:

      Congratulations Hellishly! You will be contacted by BlackBarbie Bravin for your gifts!

    • Hellishly Gothly says:

      Wow! I am genuinely shocked. It was a great idea for a competition, and I loved reading each and everyone’s idea of their perfect day. Thank you so very much for the wonderful gifts. And thank you for a great site and resource!

  2. BigJohn Troglodite says:

    My perfect day would be waking up and logging on to SL to see my beautiful wife sitting there. I’d check my little windows post it note calender, see it empty, and sigh happily. I’d take her out to all the places she likes to shop and that a certain BOSL employee would give me a “what the hell do you think you’re doing” speech if I wear them (clutches his fur coat) but it’s ok cuz he won’t be able to connect til after I’m done shopping. I love to dress her and she love that I love it, and also Kimmie and Kay told us to send her the bill. So after a trip through glamerous gowns and ornate jewelery (and maybe a fur coat), I’d take her up to Wolf Mountain. If you have never been there you are missing out. Balloon rides across 6 sims, skying, kayaking, gondolas, very soothin. Then towards the end of the day I’d go to a karaoke open mic night and blow some people away with my almost unrecognizable renditions of Tupac and Rhianna on an acoustic guitar. Then of course dirty dirty sex. That might also apply to any pause in any of the aforementioned sentences.

  3. Caffinelover Selona says:

    My perfect day in sl….
    Waking up in my brand new home,with the sun so bright i have to throw on some shades.I walk to the kitchen and fix me a nice brewed cup of coffee,after my coffee i streach and hop into the shower.i get out and get dress and look at my bank account(sl lindens)and i see i don’t have to worry about what i can spend but what do i want to spend it on,Hair,Shoes,oh shoot i just get it all.So off i go,wait there is no Lag,all the grids is easy to get into and after shopping for a couple hours i realize i haven’t crashed not once.i say Woot to myself for my day going well so far. I get back home and see i had a couple of messages.Hi Caffine(from so and so)we have a show tonight and we need someone fast can you be ready in 5min).i dial the number,yes i can do the show but,instead of 5 i be ready in 2min(because of my modeling lesson models have to be ready at any given moment.
    I get to where i have to be and to my suprise i am in a show with some of the best models of sl.The show went Great there was no lag,no crashes and the show went off perfectly. It the end of the day,i get back home and i lay on the bed.i think about how my day went,no lag,no crashes and everyone had perfect prims and style to the nines(but,all of sudden i wake up in a cold sweat(tears come to my eyes i realized it was all a dream).

  4. Jude Tatham says:

    My perfect day in second life would obviously start with styling a top of the line, rocking outfit then hitting the stores and shopping until my linden wallets cries for mercy.

    Then I would work on those prims and poses at the fabulous MVW Academy, trained by one of SL’s best, who are so stylish I drool at the sight of them.

    I would then skip down the catwalk at one of the hottest fashion shows on the SL grid, waving at my BFF Wicca Merlin (I wish!), winking at my secret lover Persia Bravin (if she were slumming it of course!) and shooting both barrels at my mentor Frolic Mills (if I had enough Lindens to buy him!). I would be sporting perhaps a Gizza dress, some Finesmith jewellery, Pixel Mode boots and Magika mesh hair, looking so on trend that all the fashionistas in the front row are weeping. I would end my perfect day at an after show party, so drunk on virtual champagne my Fishy Strawberry underwear is on display to the world.

    If I didn’t do that I would take a nap by the river, under a blossom tree in Avillion Grove :o)

  5. A perfect day – hummmmmm, let’s see. Since I am a shopaholic and love to stalk the lucky boards, midnight manias and receive all kinds of freebies, my perfect day would be every time I go to a lucky board somewhere, the letter “T” would be at every stop! And I would win all the midnight manias that I registered for. And there would be free gifts at all the stores I tp’d to!! Ok, maybe I am selfish, but, PFFT – bite me! LOL! Oh, and I would like to have world peace too! :)

  6. Catlyn Sahara says:

    I thought long and hard about this so here goes.

    Honestly, it is hard to imagine a perfect day. Yes, I would want to spend time with my friends and yes I would to be able to say to be with someone I care about deeply. The fact of the matter is a perfect day to me being able to watch all my friends or even those models I don’t know be recognized for all their hard work even if they don’t have a title or face of a brand or anything. Behind every winner of a contest there are other ladies or gentlemen who have worked their bottoms off to try and be the one to win but they don’t seem to be recognized for it. My perfect day would be to see everyone recognized for their hard work and their dedication to a field of work that we all love (even though for some it may be a love/hate relationship). That would be my perfect day.

  7. xia says:

    My perfect day, well tbh, I have a few of them, but the main thing for me to make a day perfect is to know that I have made at least one person smile that day.
    Ohh and winning a competition I may have entered, them its really perfect.
    Thanks xox

  8. Amita Yorcliffe says:

    My perfect day in Second Life would be waking up on SL and all of a sudden I received 4 different sims for 2 months period.. That way I can do fashion show of my dream.. \o/!

  9. Sherbie Xue says:

    My perfect day in SL? Wake up next to my husband-to-be, have sex that just about melts my screen and cuddle as I find an outfit to wear on Marketplace. I, of course, find the PERFECT outfit that doesn’t need to be resized, at all. AND it makes my butt look even better in their clothes than out of them. I then talk to all of my friends that have refused (for whatever stupid reason) to update to the mesh viewer to find out that they’ve all updated themselves, which means I can wear my mesh clothes around everyone.

    After wiping the tears of joy from my eyes, I realize that I’ve figured out all of the things that have frustrated me about building and I build myself the most amazing island SL has ever seen! (Yes, all of this happens in one day, because I’m so inspired by newly found skills that perfect prims just fly from my fingertips in an orgy of textures and shapes that would bring even the most experienced builder to their knees). Word of my AMAZING work gets back to Frolic Mills that day and he downright BEGS me to be on the cover of the Best of SL Magazine. Of course, I agree because I hate to see a grown man cry.

    At the end of the day, I TP home to find my husband-to-be in an incredibly sexy outfit, ready to seduce me. We have screen-melting sex, again, and I fall asleep wondering how the other 99% live. :-D

  10. Ciss says:

    The perfect day ‘would’ be? I think perfect days happen already.

    One of the greatest aspects of SL is the being together with people from across the world irrespective of FL distances and peeps are the only things that truly exists inworld. Therefore, my perfect day looks like this:

    1. My big FL/SL love logs on on the other side of the planet after a long hard day and we can enjoy some some private relaxing time dancing in one many marvellous builds that exists across the grid before she crashes in FL.

    2. I can make a difference to someone I probably would never meet in FL. This can be as a sympathetic listener or helping out with something practical.

    Happiness can be that simple ^^

  11. NemzKat Resident says:

    My perfect day in Second Life would be with all my lady friends shopping in the morning. Some of the best ways for girls to having bounding time is while shopping, and it’s really a stress reliever. Not just any store we could but the most high-fashion stores on Second Life. Then, in the afternoon we can hit a fun RPing sim and do some Role-Playing. It lets you be whoever you want to be and I enjoy that greatly. Also, those Sims allow you to meet really cool people. It’s great to have friends with different tastes on Second Life because it makes things more interesting for you. Then finally, my night would be on a low traffic private beach. Most beaches are full of random people with no privacy. Just a day with the girls would be nice. No griefers, to interruptions just me and my girls.

  12. eavanya Firelyte says:

    My perfect day in Second Life would be….

    3 simple things:

    1. My love and my life at my side
    2. A renewal of our vows
    3. All those we love there to share it with us

    okay, so I lied..
    4. A fabulous custom couture gown would make it more than perfect lol

  13. On a perfect day, I would be surrounded by all my friends, specially all the friends that no longer play SL. We would spend a few hours shopping, with none of us crashing, everything rezzing, and plenty of $L. Then we would go back to my island and start trying everything we bought on, doing our own crazy, fun, fashion parade to show off our purchases. There would be a lot of hilarity-jokes, hamming things up-and plenty of ooooh, that looks awesome on you’s.
    Later that day my partner would wake up, join my friends and I for a bit until they all log out, leaving my partner and I alone together. He would say something sweet and romantic, tell me he has a surprise for me, so get dressed in my finest gown.
    He would take me dining for a romantic dinner, then we would take a walk hand in hand while he makes up a witty commentary on things as only he can do. We would then spend the night dancing under the stars, listening to the waves crashing, just enjoying the company of each other for the whole night, and with his focus on me alone.

  14. Persia Bravin says:

    Wow…. I wasn’t expecting such a fast and also rather amazing response to this contest so soon!

    And…I have a feeling I’m going to be grabbing a few of you to come and write at BOSL Magazine.

    Impressive stuff-really enjoying reading all these!

    Thanks all for your contributions so far. I will throw in a bottle of Frolics best whisky as a bonus prize.

  15. Ekaterina Tolczyner says:

    I wake up on the beach in front of my house a little dazed and confused as usual, wondering where I got this bikini and why pray tell do I only have on one shoe? Before I can change though, my boyfriend Zach sneaks up behind me with a “howdy”. I giggle when he tells me that I’m beautiful with one shoe on and it’ll be the latest fashion craze. With a little tug on his shirt we tumble onto the beach and snuggle.

    My best friend CC messages, she’s dj’ing a huge party. Everybody who’s anybody is here. Mama Draa is looking fierce, and Vivy is dancing on the tables. Zach and I samba like nobody is watching and as we sway he whispers that we should elope. I nod speechless, and he calls out for anyone at the party who can marry us! Before I can catch my breath we’re stationed before Mr Frolic Mills who conducts the impromptu ceremony. Soon there are cheers from the crowd and CC is playing our song. Mama scares Zach with the “if you hurt her..” speech, and I’m in a hug pile with the girls.

    As the party ends we sneak off to CC’s house for a game of Greedy. Zach pretends not to listen when the girl talk starts, but I know he loves being in the middle of beautiful women. I squeeze his hand under the table and my heart is bursting with joy. Today has been perfect.

    • CottonCandy Teardrop says:

      Awww kitty kat.. i love you more then my lugage and you know that.. but sweetie.. if it is your wedding night and you are at my house playing greedy… we need to have a very long talk.. ;)

  16. Adonis Hansome says:

    .My eyes slowly begin to open, when they open fully I am startled, “OMG I am going blind”, I put my hands to my eyes and realize I still have my shades on from the night before….”Wow, it must have been a good night clubbing”….I toss the glasses aside, slowly I pull the sheets off me and start to make my way out of my bed..I start to walk over to the window and I hear crunching at my feet. I look down and I see my glasses laying in pieces…”must have been a VERY good night as I didn’t feel a thing when I walked on them”…Continues to walk over to the window,throws open the curtains and stares at amazement at the view from my newly purchased home…” it doesn’t get any better then this” I say to myself as I stare at the view of the tropical beach with white sand as the sun rises for the new day. I make my way to the kitchen, and as I pass the mirror in the hall I stop for a moment,”wow,this hair gel works wonders, not a hair out of place” Makes a mental note to buy more of this amazing product.As I start the coffee maker I sit at the kitchen table and turn on my laptop. As I enter my credentials, I see an error message pop up. RL IS NOT ACCESSABLE AT THIS TIME..PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER…Sips my freshly brewed coffee says “Yes, this is a perfect day indeed”.

  17. Riendra Taselian says:

    Well, let’s see. On a perfect day, my avatar and everything around me wherever I went would instantly rezz into a perfectly clear scene.

    On a perfect day, I’d have enough sales at my store, Always Eclectic, to pay for all my store expenses for a month!

    On a perfect day, I’d get to do some harmless flirting with one of my favorite guys, or maybe a new one.

    On a perfect day, I’d model in a big runway show and never make a mistake and every cheer would be for me and I’d get paid enough to buy everything I want at the sponsor’s store.

    On a perfect day, I’d enter a build contest, come up with the perfect idea for the theme, make a build that screams the them out so everyone understands it, and win first place by a landslide!

    On a perfect day, I’d make some new jewelry to sell and it would go together the first time with no bobbles, and the texture would look gorgeous with no fiddling around.

    On a perfect day, I’d never get logged off unless I wanted to log off.

    On a perfect day, I could open all the notes and teleport locations in all the notecards I wanted on the first try.

    If I got all that, it would indeed be a perfect day on SL.

  18. Persia Bravin says:

    Hi Pan :) please post your desciption in he comment box here yes! Good luck x

  19. Hi Frolic & Persia! :)
    I would like to know, where should I post it exactly? In this comment or ? :/

  20. Persia Bravin says:

    Incredibly yes Fro! Without bringing down your whole new lovely website too!

  21. Frolic Mills says:

    yay! You did it!

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