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Chief Troublemaker Nave Fall Checks In

Nave Madison Fall February 24, 2012 Editorials 5 Comments

Welcome to chapter two of Nave Madison Fall’s Second Life blogging career. My first began with what was to be yet another SL male fashion blog, In Pursuit of Infinite Possibility, but turned into a soapbox for my semi-politically incorrect rants. Some people found it highly amusing I’m told. Some spewed coffee out their noses; ruining at least one keyboard.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for hardware mishaps of any type that, coincidentally, happen while reading anything I’ve written. Also, there will be no complaining to Rusalka about me flipping between the first and third person narrative modes in here. I do it on purpose.

So make yourself at home. I promise to do my best to engage you, and make the time you invest here with us at TheBestofSL.com pay dividends for you. This site promises to bring together all of BOSL’s activities in one place, with fresh new graphics, up to the minute content (much more frequent, if less in-depth, than the monthly Best of Second Life magazine) and on-going commentaries by some enlightened if, admittedly, opinionated bloggers, starting with Rusalka Callisto, as Editrix-in-Chief and yours truly, as Chief Troublemaker, with, hopefully, others soon to follow. We’ll do our best to be balanced (coughs……….) in our Second Life reportage.

This might be a good place for a random quote, try this one on for size:

“We might make a public moan in the newspapers about the decay of conscience, but in private conversation, no matter what crimes a man may have committed or how cynically he may have debased his talent or his friends, variations on the answer “Yes, but I did it for the money” satisfy all but the most tiresome objections.”

Lewis H. Lapham (b. 1935), U.S. essayist, editor. Money and Class in America, ch. 4 (1988).

My point with that quote is this …. In SL as the real world, you need money to get things done and TheBestofSL.com’s intent is to service both our readers and our advertisers in a way that makes them want to return time after time, again justifying everyone’s investments, whether time or Lindens. (End of commercial interlude)

Listening to this for inspiration whilst writing: Chris Isaac – “Wicked Game”

Second Life has a myriad of lifestyles, and adventures, available for us all to explore and revel in. People, every kind of person you could ever hope to meet can cross your path in here. Some of them will become trusted confidantes and friends, others you will note in passing and accelerate by with barely a second glance. There are games and sports, art  music, architecture, machinima and photography, things impossible to do, or see, in RL, roleplaying and time travel, shopping, monsters, business, fashion and modeling, the list goes on endlessly…

I’ve spent a lot of my personal time involved in those last 3, splitting my time as Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau Designs COO, currently heavily involved in the American Cancer Society’s Fashion For Life event and overseeing a myriad of contests and creative challenges along the way. Now a new door has opened and I get to play to a larger, more diverse, audience here at BOSL. It will be a challenge for me. You can expect to see some of my personal interests highlighted. It’s Nave’s soapbox, and his megaphone, so my opinions will prevail (mostly … feel free to let me know what YOU think and what YOU want to read about). I appoint you ALL as my correspondents without portfolio, press credentials will follow soon.

My Second Life profile defines me well. I’m mercurial, emotional, amusing to many, and an unforgiving, nightmare to a few. I’m a Scorpio to the core despite my SL rezzday. Nave takes a long time to heat up but once he does he tends to stay hot … Nave has some crusades that we may explore together along the way, you’ll recognize when my inner Don Quixote persona emerges and goes off tilting at windmills with abandon and glee. Nave does not suffer fools lightly and some would say he holds a grudge … That’s true.

One thing I may do, once in a while, is take a crack at showing some of my self-styled clothing mash-ups. I’ve admired the work of many SL fashion bloggers, including the outstanding Bronson Twine of [Ir] Regular Guy, Winter Jefferson of  In Cold Blood  and others who explore men’s couture in SL. Nave plans to showcase some of  his own, admittedly amateurish, styling efforts for you.

My SL photography, and post-processing, skills leave a lot to be desired but, hopefully, those will improve over time. Meanwhile bear with me or, if you can’t bear it, volunteer to be my graphics counterpart.

So, buckle up, the ride could be bumpy…

I’m just,

- Nave Fall, Chief Troublemaker

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  1. FrolicM says:

    Ay mama! Is ChiefTrouble maker planning his first riot? /me hides!

  2. Yay! Good to have you back writing again even if I will miss the contributions on your own website.

  3. Winter says:

    About bloody time you put pen to pixel again Nave.

  4. […] and, possibly, really yank some people’s chains. (In fact, I can bet our Chief Troublemaker, Nave Fall, is already thinking about what he can do to ruffle feathers right now…) I’m relatively […]

    • Nave Fall says:


      I thought you were on my side here. I’ve barely dipped a toe in the water and you’re worried already? Getta grip.

      The fact of the matter is this. I’ve been very busy wrapping up an interview of my own with Leandra Breen (CEO of the Passion Modeling agency) about styling trends in SL fashion and finishing up my own interview of Harper Beresford, who is spearheading this year’s American Cancer Society Fashion For Life event which kicks off March 10th. I also answered Frolic’s Interview questionnaire which probed me deeply……………. You’ve seen all that so you can empathize with my pain. Both of those were committed to for Scruplz magazine before I was invited to thebestofsl.com and, in case anyone wonders. I’m allowed to provide content to other SL media.

      So I’ve not begun to yank any chains yet although I was told a tidbit today about a designer who plans to leave SL in the near future. Forever. We’ve all heard these sorts of attention getters countless times before and I’m curious whether this individual is awaiting the chest-beating outcry of, “Pleaseeeeeeeeeee don’t leave we love you………….” I’m a bit hesitant to point a finger just yet but I’m gonna check out this rumor. I suspect it is dependent on selling a number of assets: sims, the business itself and some other SL -based assets. Stay tuned.

      I’m just
      Nave Fall

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